Zaxbys recent growth explained

In the past three years, Zaxby’s has registered so many changes. The food chain decided to sell a significant part of its stake to one of the biggest platforms in the United States, Goldman Sachs. The company also brought in a new chief executive officer, Benard Acoca. Bernard had served as the CEO of El Pollo Loco for a while, and everyone on the company board felt he was the best candidate to take over the leadership of the food chain.

The co-founder and former chief executive officer, Zach McLeroy, announced the change in leadership, saying that his organization wanted an external leader to capitalize on the numerous growth opportunities in the market. Bernard Acoca has been the largest company’s best leader for a long time.

Acoca has brought many changes to the company’s digital footprint besides bringing in more sales. A few months after becoming chief executive officer, Acoca began to market the brand online.

In 2021, Zaxby’s began getting better results with its online sales. The newly introduced mobile app from Zaxby’s took the market by storm. According to market research, the brand had the fastest growth application after getting a 317% increase.

Zaxby beat major companies like Jersey Mikes and Panera Bread, among others. Experts attributed the amazing growth to the reward program brought by the company leadership.

Acoca got the enhanced Zax Rewardz program, because he wanted to encourage more customers to start using the mobile application. For every customer downloading the app, Acoca and his team gave a free meal. Updating the application would guarantee the customers a delicious meal. Bernard Acoca has provided his customers with numerous features too. The customers can order ahead, curbside, or pick up in-store. The brand appreciates its loyal customers, and it was over the moon when the mobile application did well in the American market.

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Zaxby’s Doubles Down on Customer Deals

Zaxby’s is a chain of very successful restaurants that can be found all though the U.S. It has long been known as one of the most innovative food providers in the nation. It has also garnered a great deal of acclaim when it comes to rewarding its customers. This has been one of the reasons it now has 900 locations in a total of 17 states.

The chain is ultimately headquartered in in Athens, Georgia. One of its major promotional points has been its very influential rewards program. This is a system by which the most loyal fans of the chain are made privy to a very special offer. In most cases, the prize is a totally free Big Zax Snak meal.

All that one needs to do to receive this offer is to download and join the totally free Zax Rewardz program. In return, they will receive a meal that features some amazingly tasty and inexpensive components. These are three Chicken Fingerz, a Texas Toast, and lots of Zax Sauce served with Crinkle Fries. They also get a small Zaxby’s Coca-Cola Freestyle drink.

Zaxby’s is making this offer at a time when many other chains are bringing their own contributions in this area to an end. Most of its competition cites the pandemic as an excuse. However, this has not stopped the chain from continuing to innovate. The more that its rivals in the industry contract, the more it is willing to confidently expand.

The catalog of offers remains centered on a system that is determined by points. This is the best way for Zaxby’s to continue offering excellent deals to its loyal patrons. Those interested in learning more can contact the restaurant at is official site on the web. You can get also get info on one of its many social media pages.

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Zaxby’s Beats Industry Giants to Become Fastest-Growing Restaurant App


Zaxby’s has earned the coveted spot of becoming the country’s fastest-growing restaurant app, with the establishment recording the highest user engagement at 317% during the January-November 2022 period. This success is linked to the restaurant’s reward program aimed at giving back to its loyal customers.

Zaxby’s innovative loyalty program is founded on its welcome offer package to customers joining the Zax Reward program. This package gives users a free Big Zax Snak meal. It comes with Texas toast, three chicken fingers, and a Zax Sauce. Other items on this meal are a Coca-Cola drink and crinkle fries. According to the restaurant’s manager, the extension of this offer has allowed the company to double its outreach to customers, with a 4.7 rating allowing them to secure their footprint in the fast food industry.

The reward program utilizes an easy-to-use redeemable process. Points earned can be turned into menu items or an alternative dollar-off option. Every $1 spent translates to 10 points, allowing customers who shop frequently to receive more points. Customers can also enjoy a free delivery Sunday with a free delivery week, which allowed the restaurant to increase their weekly interactions through the last week of May.

The above approach has made it possible for Zaxby’s to enjoy significant growth at a time when other restaurants have cut back their loyalty programs. It is notably one of the crucial drivers of success that has helped the company emerge above competitors such as Jersey Mike, which comes second with a rating of 176%. Others on the list include CAVA at 130% and Panera Bread coming in 4th at 39.5%. CAVA’s improved visibility can be linked mainly to its increased outlets within the country. Whataburger ranks fifth on the list of fast-growing restaurant apps at 39.3%.

Zaxby’s currently has its headquarters in Athens, Georgia. Its operations run across 17 States, with over 900 locations serving customers in these regions. Visit this page for more information.


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America’s fastest-growing chicken restaurant chain over the past year is Zaxby’s. Its service, flavor, and menu have kept the company growing at an exponential rate. The restaurant chain has experienced a lot of success, and they are doing this through different marketing methods, such as their interactive app, Zax Rewardz, which allows users to earn points and prizes for everyday activities.

The company is making it easy for consumers to grow their loyalty because there are no empty promises or false hopes. All users do is turn on the app and earn points for doing everyday activities such as downloading it, playing games, and completing surveys. This gives consumers incentives to stay loyal even though Zaxby charges members for using the app and accessing their rewards program.

The company has a lot of great ideas to expand its business to new markets and is only investing in its marketing efforts so it can push Zax Rewardz into new markets. Currently, Zaxby’s has over 900 locations in 27 states, and the company believes there’s room for expansion, so they are working on opening future locations in Canada and Mexico. The growth of Zax Rewardz is making it easier for consumers to understand the rewards program by providing an easy-to-understand explanation of Zax Rewardz on their website.

Zaxby’s began planning its international expansion in 2012 with plans to open 50 restaurants outside of the US. So far, it has expanded to Canada, Mexico, and England. The company is pleased with the continued growth of Zax Rewardz in these new markets.

Zaxby’s food tastes good, and consumers and industry watchdog groups have recognized it as one of the best chicken restaurants. Foodbuzz ranked this zesty little restaurant as the best chicken restaurant in America. The company was rated on the list of the Top 20 Fastest Growing Restaurant Chains in America and also was ranked seventh Best Franchises in America.

The franchisees and executives believe that these awards are a direct result of customers wanting more chicken. To stay competitive, the company is constantly keeping its customers up-to-date on the rewards program by providing coupons, promotions, as well as updates on social media. See this article for additional information.


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Zaxby’s Doubles Down on Rewards

Zaxby’s has always been known for its bold flavors and mouthwatering chicken. From their famous hand-breaded chicken fingers to their signature ”Zax Sauce”, every bite is a flavor explosion that keeps customers returning for more. But now, it is taking it up a notch by doubling down on rewards. With the ever-growing popularity of loyalty programs in the fast-food industry, it is recognized the importance of keeping customers engaged and satisfied. That’s why they decided to revamp their rewards system, giving loyal fans more reasons to choose it repeatedly.

Zaxby’s Doubles Down on Rewards

With Zaxby’s new and improved rewards system, customers can earn points faster than ever. Every time you visit a participating location and purchase, you’ll rack up points that can be redeemed for free food items or exclusive discounts. It’s like getting rewarded for enjoying your favorite menu items!

It has also added some exciting perks for its most loyal fans. Members of the revamped program will have access to special promotions and giveaways throughout the year. You might score limited time offers or even win tickets to exclusive events!

It understands that convenience is critical in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why Zaxby’s made it easier than ever to earn and redeem rewards by integrating their loyalty program seamlessly into online ordering options. Whether dining in or grabbing your meal on the go, you’ll always earn those well-deserved perks.

It also made it easier for customers to check their points balance and track their progress toward earning perks. When you visit it’s website or download the app, you can access your personalized rewards dashboard. Also, now you can check out what promotions are going on in-store and make sure you’re always in the know with the latest offers!

These changes were designed to improve customers’ overall experience with Zaxby’s from start to finish.

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Have you ever experienced the tasty, tender, perfect chicken sandwich that is Zaxby’s?

We’re talking about the kind of sandwich that leaves your taste buds tingling and your stomach satisfied. The type of chicken sandwich you would trust to be an accurate representation of South Georgia cuisine, crisp outside, moist inside. This blog post will explore Zaxby’s double-on reward program and the mobile app reward program.

How does the reward program work?

Zaxby’s originally offered a paper card that customers would pick up at the register. Now guests receive an app that they can download and use once they get to the store. You will be required to enter your phone number, name, and email address. The app is free of charge and available for Apple and Android users. You only have to enter your information once, and you don’t have to worry about your information being compromised. Your phone number will only be used in the event that there is an emergency or for store location updates. Each time you visit one of the joints, you will be asked to scan or log into the app because this is where they keep track of how many reward points you have earned.

Rewards program rewards

With the enhanced Zax Rewardz Program, every dollar spent at Zaxby’s earns a reward point. The number of points earned is dependent on what you order, but the more money you spend, the more points you earn. There are also special occasions where a freebie is given out, typically on holidays. You will earn at least one point for each dollar spent. For example, if someone purchased a $5 reward, he or she would receive five reward points.

How do I redeem rewards?

Once you have earned enough points to redeem a reward, just show your app to the cashier when ordering. You may only redeem one reward per visit. Be sure to download the app, install the app and enter your information. This will make it easier for Zaxby’s to track how much money you have spent on rewards and how many points you have earned. For IOS users, refer to this app, for additional information.


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Zaxby’s Rewards Program Accelerates Growth And Customer Loyalty

Leading fast-casual restaurant company Zaxby’s is creating a stir in the market with its strategic focus on boosting client loyalty with a modernized rewards program. It is one of the nation’s fastest-growing restaurant chains due to the brand’s dedication to offering customers an unforgettable eating experience combined with alluring incentives. In this essay, we examine the success of its rewards program and its most recent advancements, emphasizing its influence on consumer engagement and brand expansion.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Zaxby’s has developed a devoted and passionate following by placing a high priority on customer engagement. The brand ensures clients feel valued and appreciated by offering customized promotions and rewards. Its dedication increases customers’ anticipation and excitement about providing exclusive incentives, such as limited-time specials and birthday prizes, further strengthening their brand loyalty.

Sustained Growth

The enhanced Zax Rewardz Program smart execution has been crucial to its quick growth and expansion. The brand has seen a notable improvement in client retention and brand advocacy by cultivating customer loyalty and encouraging return visits. It has successfully used its rewards program to reward current customers while attracting new ones, creating a win-win situation for the company and its customers.

Future Prospects

Its dedication to constantly bettering the customer experience has put it in a strong position to compete in the quick casual restaurant industry. Its commitment to innovation and flexibility in responding to shifting consumer preferences have helped it become an industry frontrunner. Zaxby’s is poised to continue its reign as the food service industry’s undisputed champion of its customers as the rewards program grows and provides even more compelling incentives.


Its dedication to customer loyalty has helped the business flourish. The extended rewards program is a game-changer that has strengthened Zaxby’s customer relationships. As long as it innovates and offers incentives, Zaxby’s should keep growing and set a new industry standard. Its customer-centricity bodes well for its loyal clientele. Follow this page on Twitter, for additional information.


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Zaxby’s: America’s Beloved Restaurant App On The Rise

Zaxby’s, a well-known restaurant chain famed for its enticing chicken meals, has had tremendous success with its fast-expanding mobile app. It has captured customers across the United States by developing an intriguing rewards program and adopting effective marketing strategies.

The company has launched an enticing rewards program that gives new users a free Big Zax Snak Meal when they join the Zax Rewardz program. This substantial welcome gesture demonstrates dedication to rewarding loyal customers and providing outstanding eating experiences. Users can earn points for every dollar spent, unlocking various delectable menu items and beneficial discounts. Since its inception, Zaxby’s mobile app has seen tremendous growth and engagement. The brand’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has resulted in a 317 per cent rise in the average number of user sessions per monthly active user. This accomplishment highlights its ability to grab and keep the attention of its dedicated client base by providing an accessible and pleasant user experience.

Zaxby’s is committed to providing excellent customer experiences in addition to its delicious food options. The restaurant has efficiently communicated the value and benefits of its app to a broader audience by embracing digital advertising platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. The brand’s emphasis on innovation, personalized rewards, and user-friendly features has established it as a pioneer in the digital environment of the quick-service restaurant sector. Its unwavering pursuit of excellence and customer-centricity has garnered international acclaim, cementing its status as a beloved and trusted name in the restaurant business.

Zaxby’s extraordinary success as America’s favorite restaurant app is due to the company’s constant dedication to providing outstanding value and a flawless customer experience. It has reached new heights of consumer engagement and loyalty thanks to the launch of its rewards program and creative marketing efforts. The fast-food chain is positioned to preserve its good reputation and establish itself as a trailblazer in quick-service restaurant apps as it continues improving its digital services and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Visit this page for related information.


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Zaxby’s Doubles Down on Rewards Program to Delight Loyal Customers

Zaxby’s, the beloved fast-food chain famous for its juicy chicken sandwiches and crispy fingers, is upping its game in loyalty and rewards by extending its welcome offer.

New customers who download and enroll in “Zaxby’s Rewardz Program”  will receive a free Big Zax Snak meal. The restaurant’s upgraded rewards program offers more value to its patrons, such as free delivery on Sundays and the ability to earn points that can be redeemed for free menu items and dollar-off rewards.

As the number of downloads for quick-service restaurant apps continues to rise, it’s evident that there’s a strong demand for rewards programs. According to Apptopia, the food chain is the fastest-growing restaurant app, with a 317% increase in the average number of user sessions per monthly active user in November 2022 compared to January 2022. Its rewards program has been the catalyst behind its growth, allowing customers to earn points for every dollar they spend, which can be redeemed for freebies.

Other fast-food chains are also stepping up their loyalty programs, with Subway moving up two spots to become the fastest-growing app in November and Panera Bread entering the top chart for the first time. But the food chain stands out by focusing on offering genuine value to its customers.

Patrick Schwing, Zaxby’s chief marketing and strategy officer, stated that they are increasing rewards for their most loyal customers while other loyalty programs are reducing their rewards. He further mentioned that customers have well received the program, and they appreciate its value.

Since launching its new app in September, the food chain has more than doubled its active users and earned a 4.7 rating in the app store. The restaurant chain has over 900 locations across 17 states.

By offering more rewards and value, Zaxby’s is expected to continue growing in popularity and attracting more customers who crave a delicious meal and rewards and appreciation for their business. With its focus on rewarding loyal customers, the food chain is making a name for itself as a leader in the fast-food industry.

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Bernard Acoca to Take Helm of Zaxby’s as New CEO

Zaxby’s is pleased to announce that renowned restaurant leader, Bernard Acoca, will take the helm of the popular quick-service chicken chain as its new CEO. With more than 20 years of marketing and executive experience in the restaurant industry, Bernard Acoca is a well-known and respected figure in the business.

This change marks an exciting milestone for Zaxby’s. Founded in 1990, this iconic brand has grown to over 900 locations spanning 17 states. Its commitment to serving delicious chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches and salads with a fun atmosphere has turned it into an American favorite. In 2021 alone, Thrillist awarded the chain’s famous Signature Sandwich with their Fasties Award for Best Fried Chicken Sandwich.

Acoca steps in as Zaxby’s CEO after nearly four years at El Pollo Loco, where he led the brand through a transformation that included rapid acceleration of digital e-commerce, streamlined drive-thru and backend processes, and a doubling down on L.A.-Mex brand positioning with new contemporary restaurant designs. Nicole Agnew joins him from the Private Equity business at Goldman Sachs, who is a member of Zaxby’s Board of Directors.

Before he led El Pollo Loco, Acoca spent seven years with Starbucks in various positions, including Senior Vice President of Marketing & Category for the Americas. His experience in the restaurant industry also spans ten years with Yum! Brands and seven years at L’Oréal as Chief Marketing Officer for the Americas.

Acoca is enthusiastic about the opportunity and looks forward to working with the talented people in the Zaxby’s family to build upon the brand’s success. Agnew echoed his sentiments in her statement, noting that Acoca has a proven track record of driving sales and profits.

With both new leadership and its iconic Signature Sandwich, it’s safe to say that the future looks bright for Zaxby’s. The brand is poised to take its success even further as Acoca and his team strive toward new heights. It’s clear that Zaxby’s CEO has taken yet another step toward the top of the franchising industry and looks to continue its long-standing commitment to serving delicious food in a fun atmosphere. Refer to this article for related information.


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