QNET: The Fight For Redemption and the Realities of Direct Selling

When the gavel fell in a Beninese courtroom this July, acquitting three QNET representatives, it was not just a legal triumph. This was a declaration, a line drawn in the sand, signaling the beginning of a new chapter in the understanding of direct selling and the reclamation of QNET’s reputation in the region.

Navigating the vast landscape of direct selling, QNET has often found itself battling skepticism. Direct selling, in the shadows of misinformation, has been misconstrued by many. But this business model, projecting a growth of $78.81 million in the next five years, is not just legitimate; it’s revolutionary. Learn more on Twitter

By sidestepping traditional retail structures, QNET empowers independent representatives to own their entrepreneurial journeys. They aren’t peddling pipe dreams but tangible, quality products. And herein lies the distinction from pyramid schemes: QNET rewards for product sales, not recruitment. As Biram Fall, a regional manager for the company, clarified, their plan is rooted in genuine sales referrals.

QNET is not a fledgling operation but has been a global force since 1998, operating under the wing of the QI Group. Its footprint spans nearly 100 countries, touching countless lives with opportunities. And yet, the company finds itself repeatedly thrust into the line of fire, primarily due to misunderstandings and a handful of disgruntled ex-representatives.

In our information age, the battle for truth is ceaseless. Misinformation is a potent toxin, one that QNET has confronted head-on. Their Direct Selling Disinformation Centre is a testament to their commitment to truth. It’s an innovative and necessary salvo against industry naysayers. Moreover, the culturally attuned Mama Campaign in Ghana showcases QNET’s deep understanding of its market and its dedication to education and clarity.

In Benin, as those three representatives walked free, a message was sent: QNET stands resilient, grounded in its values and focused on its mission, even in the face of adversity.


Mo Katibeh Leverages His Affinity for Tech in Business

Mo Katibeh: Leveraging His Affinity for Technology in Business

Katibeh is an inspiring example of what one can achieve with a passion for technology and business. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Mo has become an expert in the development and deployment of innovative technology solutions. He is the CEO of two technology companies, both of which focus on improving business operations and customer service.

Mo Katibeh has always had an affinity for technology and innovation. Growing up, he was a self-taught computer programmer and coder. His interest in technology led him to pursue a degree in Computer Science and then a Master’s in Business Administration. After graduating, Mo was hired into a software engineering role at a large technology company. There he honed his skills and developed a passion for technology and business.

In 2004,Mo Katibeh left his job to pursue his own business venture. He co-founded his first technology company, a software development firm. His expertise in software engineering, programming and coding allowed him to quickly build a successful business. This success led to the formation of his second technology company, an IT services company.

Katibeh’s business acumen and technical knowledge have enabled him to build successful companies. He has been able to leverage his technical expertise and business knowledge to develop innovative technology solutions for his customers. Mo is passionate about helping businesses be more efficient, productive and profitable. He is also a strong advocate of customer service excellence and believes in providing the best customer experience possible.

Mo’s business success has been recognized by many awards, including Entrepreneur of the Year, Most Innovative CEO, and Business Leader of the Year. His companies have been featured in numerous media outlets and he has been invited to speak at conferences and seminars.

Mo Katibeh’s commitment to technology and innovation has served him well in business. He has been able to build a successful business by leveraging his technical expertise and business knowledge. His affinity for technology has enabled him to develop innovative solutions for his customers. Mo has become an inspiring example of what one can achieve with a passion for technology and business.

Is Temu a Legitimate Company

Temu has been around for years and offers the best scam opportunities in 2017. There are many reasons why this company is unique, one of them being that they don’t offer a premium package but instead want to teach people how to make money on their own without spending any money on expensive advertisements or promotions.

Temu is best known for its unique intelligent contract business. This company has been around for years and offers the best scam opportunities in 2017. One of the most exciting things about this company is that they don’t provide any premium package or other products but instead want to teach people how to make money on their own without spending any money on expensive advertisements or promotions.

Temu has many different ways of generating income through its contracts, but only a few are listed on its site. These opportunities include getting paid in various cryptocurrencies, like Dogecoin and Ethereum, for helping the platform grow and for sharing your referral link. However, the real money comes from affiliate marketing.

It started as a brilliant contract company; however, like most companies in this industry, they have incorporated an affiliate marketing program into their operations to generate revenue from third parties. The website claims that Temu is one of the first companies to offer an affiliate marketing business model to its users who wish to promote their offers on social media.

As a result of its growing social media presence and the success of its innovative contract platform, it is making more money than ever. Their innovative contract platform has attracted a lot of users, many of whom have already made a profit and want to promote their offers for other people to earn money with them. The Temu affiliate network is one of the most active and lucrative networks available; however, it isn’t free – the member must pay USD 129 per month to access the network.

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Steve Lesnard Has Been Appointed to His New Role as Global Chief Brand Officer at the Cosmetics Giant Sephora.

Sephora is a popular beauty destination where users can find everything from high-end skincare to natural skin care. The Global Chief Brand Officer is used to working with various brands and excelling in marketing campaigns. He is also used to working with fashion designers who will be working on the company’s design campaigns.

Sephora is a top-tier global brand looking to gain international experience to up its global market share. Steve Lesnard is confident in his ability to help Sephora reach new consumers and build strong relationships with old ones. His plans for Sephora will use his marketing skills to aid consumers to start buying their products. By doing so, Sephora will continue to be the go-to destination for high-quality, affordable beauty products.

Steve Lesnard will focus on increasing the desirability of the brand and its products. His primary focus will be to increase customer engagement and create an omnichannel experience desirable to consumers. He plans to use his expertise to bolster Sephora’s international presence.

Lesnard will use his knowledge to help traditional international stores become more desirable to consumers. Sephora, a global brand, is wanted by many people for different reasons. One of those reasons is that the company offers high-quality products and customer service that is second to none. While Steve Lesnard will work to strengthen the brand internationally, his focus will be on making Sephora among the desired global brands.

With more than three decades of marketing experience and a wealth of knowledge about the global consumer and business sector, Lesnard is determined to build the French multinational retailer.

Evan Rubinson Discusses Post-Pandemic Management and the Importance of Culture

The workplace in America is rapidly changing, upending conventional ideas of working and administration. Recent technical developments and several once-in-a-generation market shocks have worsened the confusion. According to business tycoon Evan Rubinson, building a strong culture is the most excellent way for businesses to flourish in chaos.

Evan Rubinson, a current LEADER of ERA Music Brands and a former Wall Street investment banker, offers recommendations based on his experience as a manager and market observer. According to him, organizations that create strong cultures with flexibility between management and employees are better able to handle issues.

As a manager, creating a solid culture involves entering a space where people like you and value what you’ve done for them instead of entering a space and coming across as a taskmaster. Evan Rubinson expects everyone to work harder than they ever have in this office.

However, Evan Rubinson does not necessarily support the work-from-home trend brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. He stated that he prefers a more conventional setup. But, the finest managers can set aside their personal preferences for the company’s benefit.

Evan Rubinson firmly believes that if you’re not in this workplace for 50 hours a week and he can’t count you, then you’re not productive. Before you develop a formal technique, you must be able to perceive the world from their perspective and understand their difficulties. Rubinson cited a few instances where he permitted staff to work distantly.


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During the COVID crisis, Evan Rubinson had a worker who developed cancer. So he tried to deal with and comprehend what was happening there. He decided to let him telecommute while he processed everything. And to him, that increases productivity because, although he cannot count the number of hours that man spends at work, he is far happier and more thankful for the chance he can provide for himself to be with his family and receive his cancer treatments.

According to Evan Rubinson, defining and maintaining limits is essential to developing a flexible culture that appreciates the commitment and complex effort. Undoubtedly, some workers will exceed what any manager is willing to tolerate. Being tough and fair helps create limits that inspire respect rather than caving to every request.

In certain circumstances, you should be able to plan and request some time off, according to Rubinson. There are requests such as, “I want to go to a show tonight” or “It’s my cousin’s birthday,” occasionally. Yet, it’s a different situation when an emergency arises; a child has a problem, or something similar results in a circumstance that no one could have predicted. In these areas, you may win favor and forge closer bonds with employees when they request to work from home for several weeks.

Evan Rubinson emphasized that displaying the capacity to address these demands fosters a team mentality, which will be advantageous in the long run. You get to know someone on a mental and individual level when you can assist them to stay in a job and make it work for them after they go through a horrific experience. This goes beyond the traditional employer-employee relationship. When you generously assist someone, they are more likely to put up a battle for you. They will fight ten times harder for you if you give them some rope and perhaps an olive branch. Giving them some wiggle room will always work in your favor.


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Alejandro Pena Explains Why Companies Should Take the Importance of Sustainability Seriously

Alejandro Pena is the Chief Executive Officer of an Israel-based company Keter. The company uses resin and other raw materials to manufacture various household and garden products. Alejandro Pena believes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns are extensive and productive. According to him, organizations must make ESG concerns work to their advantage.

As a CEO, Alejandro Pena works tirelessly to make ESG efforts a stepping stone of how Keter functions from a larger macro environment perspective and what it looks to achieve as an investment entity.

What Other Organizations Think About ESG

Most organizations need to be made aware of the importance of ESG and how it can impact their business. Such organizations believe that ESG cannot positively affect their operations long term. They don’t tend to be interested in understanding how those principles will influence how their customers think and believe or affect the region they’re operating in today.

Alejandro Pena has made Keter not among those organizations with such reasoning. He ensures the results that the company yields not only suit the needs of its shareholders. The CEO makes the company’s results positively impact the communities in its surrounding and the environment it depends on to get the raw materials it needs for operation. Alejandro advises other companies to ensure they develop the habit of being at the frontline of offering solutions that protect the environment they rely on for survival and respect the communities surrounding their activities.

About Keter Group

Keter operates more than 25 manufacturing plants in several European countries, including Israel and Luxemburg, and other places across North America. The company strives to produce a wide range of quality items in the same areas it sells. Through this approach, the company saves significantly on transportation costs. By selling its many products in the same regions it produces, many communities surrounding the company become the first beneficiaries of what it offers for sale.

Alejandro Pena, Keter CEO, Keeps the Brand True to the Community Through Sustainability

Keter, the world’s second-largest furniture maker, is a family-owned enterprise operating for seven generations. Alejandro Pena, the CEO of Keter, had been grappling with the challenges of globalization. The company produced goods in China and Brazil but needed more competitiveness in markets such as Germany and France.

  1. Looks to an Innovative, Sustainable Future

Nowadays, Keter is one of the world’s largest furniture providers, but only a decade ago, it was a small-scale Chinese producer. Alejandro Pena says that they have been making meaningful progress in their business.

  1. Look for Eco-Friendly Resins

Pena believes that the most pressing issue for the company is bringing down production costs. Furniture prices are being driven down due to industry overcapacity and Chinese manufacturers taking over European markets. To survive, Pena has been looking towards innovative solutions, such as eco-friendly resins made out of corn or sugarcane.

  1. Why Sustainability Is Good for Business and Employee Morale

Pena believes that sustainability is the company’s greatest asset and tries to live by this belief. He has committed to using sustainable materials when producing furniture and puts his staff first in all decisions.

  1. Fight for the Environment

While Keter has committed to eco-friendly furniture, it also rationalizes production costs and improves employee relations. Alejandro Pena, CFO Pasquale Iannone, and their staff have their sights set on making it a sustainable company—for the Environment and business.


“I believe that we can make it a sustainable company for the Environment and business. The next over 10 years will bring important changes in the furniture industry and we need to prepare ourselves for these by taking advantage of new technologies and strategic models.”

“A Keter, as a brand, is not just about good design or well-made products, but values. It is more than just a material; it represents unique design ideas, style, and value.

 Launch House Provides Entrepreneurs With the Opportunity to Grow

Launch House is the social club that assists burgeoning leaders to upgrade and live finer. The Launch group is a carefully chosen assembly of creators, engineers, and venture capitalists who are engineering the future. Membership of the alliance comprises admittance to our restricted in-person co living abodes in prominent cities, ideal sights and situations, and conferences around the globe. Membership includes:

  • Executive training possibilities.
  • Fundraising assistance.
  • Unlimited entry to our digital cohort-based classes.
  • Coworking social clubs in major cities.

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The LH fosters education and professional advancement as well as deep, truthful associations instead of transaction networking prospects.

Emerging today, the whole subscription society aimed at uniting and backing leading businesspeople – Launch House – declared the commencement of their venture department House Capital and its $10 million establishment share. The fund concentrates on financing corporations in its society and other high-growth, up-and-coming outfits. The debut of House Capital will advance aid LH by forming a mechanical feedback loop since most earnings from the fund will be redistributed into Launch House itself. This additional revenue will allow LH to create more powerful programming and special occasions for members.

Conceived by Michael Houck, Brett Goldstein, and Jacob Peters, House Capital intends to construct their current ties with creators early on in their narrative. House Capital has already made simultaneous investments with outstanding lead investors such as a16z, Sequoia, Paradigm, and Y Combinator. Inventors of startups that House Capital funds will secure perpetual membership to the LH society and full admittance to group conveniences, including financial aid, online collective-based courses of study, as well as selective face-to-face residencies and retreats around the globe.

House Capital Alliance comprises diverse individuals from the tech and amusement environment. Limited Partners include the initiators of Dropbox, YouTube, and Riot Games, Michael Ovitz, Peter Hollens, Serena Williams, and top-level heads from Polygon Studios. Furthermore, the firm comprises General Partners from other finances among its Limited Partners comprising Andrew Chen and Sriram Krishnan from a16z, Rick Yang from NEA, and James Currier from NFX. Creators such as Peter Hollens and Bored Elon Musk complete the collective.


ABRDN is a society that meets every Saturday at 6 PM in their neighbor’s backyard, Jayz. There is no dress code, and you should wear something comfortable. It’s about getting together for conversation and drinking beers with friends or other people you don’t know.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, come on by Saturday night! The address is listed below so that you can find it easily, but enter the back gate from Main Street into the alley behind Jayz’s house and wait for us to come out of the back door.

ABRDN is a society of students at Cal Poly Pomona and members of other nearby colleges and universities that meet every Saturday night for dinner, discussion, and drinking games. We are currently concentrating on our nation’s pastime(s), but that does not mean we can’t discuss some critical issues or have fun with them. Although our meetings are free, ’roundabouts’ (sponsoring six or more) get a free dinner, and we also try to get donations to buy food for those in need that night.

For those who have never been to one of our meetings, you should know that it is a very laid back atmosphere. We don’t care what you wear; we don’t really care how much you eat or drink; we don’t really care if you are on drugs (though some members do enjoy those recreational activities); we want to have a good time and make sure everyone else does too. We meet every Saturday at 6 PM, starting with dinner at 5:30. Our meetings take place in Jayz’s backyard, but we are looking for a more permanent location.

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Discussing at the Massachusetts Joint Committee with John Hailer

The Massachusetts Joint Committee is an important meeting for the decision of state and local government issues. It is also the time for the Committee to consider new or updated state legislation. The Committee meets yearly and makes decisions about state and local government issues.

The Committee comprises representatives from the business, political, and public sectors. They are essential professionals in their fields and should be able to understand each other’s ideas.

The Massachusetts Joint Committee is vital for the state’s political classes. It meets every general election in the state and also meets to discuss new issues and problems. The Committee consists of politicians, pundits, and experts from around the state. It is crucial to have a meeting place representing the entire state’s population, not just elected officials and politicians.

Exec at Natixis John Hailer testified in support of the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Economic Development & Emerging Technologies. He described his experience as a business owner and employee in the technology industry. Hailer described how the industry’s complex and rapidly changing landscape could be challenging to navigate for businesses.

Hailer said that he has been a business owner for over ten years and has had to learn new skills and change management methods. That way, he would keep up with the constantly changing changes in the technology industry.

John Hailer discussed the state of the economy, digital technology, and how to promote economic growth and creativity in the state. Hailer expressed his thoughts on various issues, including the importance of economic development, the need for digital technology, and the future of creativity in Massachusetts.

He also testified to the need for digital technology to help promote economic growth and creativity in the state. John Hailer also testified to the need for better infrastructure to serve the country’s development and better regulation to ensure safe and efficient transportation.

Natixis CEO, Hailer said that the current economy is bad for America’s bottom line and that we must focus on developing new technologies to increase economic productivity. He said that America needs to focus on creating jobs and boosting economic productivity to keep our citizens safe and healthy.

“The key to any successful economy is a well-functioning economy, and the key to a successful country is a well-functioning society,” Natixis CEO John Hailer said. He said that states must commit to growing the economy and that international investment is the key. “When states commit to growing the economy, it translates into a real commitment to growing it on a local and global scale,” he said.