The Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Dallas, Texas

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar offers a plethora of cosmetic surgical procedures. These include enhancing the look of the face, eyes, breasts, tummy, and overall body. Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute located in Dallas, Texas, where he can be found every day helping his patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

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One of Dr. Jejurikar’s specialties that has contributed to his ranking as one of America’s Best Plastic Surgeons by Newsweek is his tummy tuck surgery. Known formally as abdominoplasty, this revolutionary plastic surgery offers those who have lost a substantial amount of fast, have dealt with the nasty effects of aging, or have some unnecessary bodily issues after pregnancy to restore the youthful look of their abdominal region.

Dr. Jejurikar can perform his magic by removing excess fat and loose skin from the abdomen to create a more toned appearance for the patient. For those that have been considering this cosmetic surgery in Dallas or the surrounding regions, Dr. Jejurikar is one of the best in his field and definitely should be your first call.