Edgard Corona: From Shilling Sugar to Helping Brazilians Shed Pounds

In late March of 2018, Edgard Corona, the CEO of Smart Fit, had an interview with the “Like a Boss” podcast. This podcast focuses on interviewing the successful men and women of business enterprises. In this interview, Corona discussed all of the work that goes into materializing an idea into a successful endeavor. For the uninformed, Corona’s Smart Fit is among the largest franchises of fitness facilities in Brazil. The interview went into detail regarding the many stumbling blocks and challenges Corona faced before he claimed his position as one of the kings of physical fitness and wellness within South America.

Edgard Corona also used his time to highlight all of his prior enterprises, ranging from work within a clothier, laboratories and even working under his family by way of a sugar mill. He shared that his interest in the physical fitness and wellness sectors began after suffering a disastrous skiing accident and being forced to undergo physical therapy. With a new idea in mind that he was passionate about and an affluent degree of prosperity within the country, Corona decided to act.

Going beyond the bullet points of his CV, Edgard Corona discussed the rigors of starting any business. One of his most sobering remarks was that success travels along a curve rather than a straight line. When few people went to his gym at its start, he researched ways to encourage relevant interests and trust within the brand. Desperate to attract clients, he consulted with others with more experience in the industry. Corona discovered that he was giving too many options to people with little time for exercise and pivoted to highlighting how physical fitness does not require one or more hours a day to achieve. Since then, Smart Fit has become known throughout many Latin American countries.

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Smart Fit’s IPO Success: Edgard Corona’s Visionary Leadership

The story of Edgard Corona, the visionary founder and CEO of Smart Fit, is one of entrepreneurship, innovation, and transformative leadership. From humble beginnings to becoming one of the newest Brazilian billionaires after Smart Fit’s IPO debut, Corona’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and the pursuit of a vision that revolutionizes industries. In 1996, Corona took the first step towards his fitness empire by establishing the first Bio Ritmo gym in Santo Amaro, São Paulo, despite having limited experience in the fitness industry. This bold move set the stage for the creation of a fitness revolution that would change the way people approach fitness.

Though Corona initially pursued a degree in Chemical Engineering at FAAP, life presented him with a new path when he faced challenges in his family’s sugar and alcohol mill. Fueled by his passion for swimming, Corona decided to establish a swimming academy, laying the foundation for his larger vision of a fitness empire.

However, it was in 2009 that the true game-changer occurred—the launch of Smart Fit, a revolutionary “low-cost” fitness concept that disrupted the industry and democratized access to fitness. This groundbreaking model quickly gained popularity, propelling Smart Fit to become the largest gym network in Latin America, boasting over 360 branches. BM&C’s detailed analysis of Edgard Corona’s entrepreneurial journey reveals the key factors that contributed to Smart Fit’s meteoric success and his inclusion among Brazil’s newest billionaires after the IPO debut.

A Journey in the Industry:

Edgard Corona’s path to success was not without its share of challenges. Inheriting a struggling sugar cane mill in the mid-1990s, he displayed remarkable business acumen and turned it into the 13th largest producer in Brazil. However, a shareholder dispute led to his departure from the company, marking the end of his career in the sugar mill industry. Unfazed by setbacks, Corona shifted his focus to the swimming academy—an area that aligned with his passion for swimming. Drawing inspiration from business experts, he introduced swimming pools and circuit training spaces to the academy’s offerings, making it a more comprehensive fitness center.

Additionally, he embraced the concept of “metanoia,” a management approach that emphasizes employee participation in decision-making. Absorbing insights from the fitness industry in the US, Corona recognized the potential for democratizing fitness in Brazil. This realization laid the foundation for the innovative “low-cost” model of Smart Fit, which would revolutionize the fitness landscape in Latin America. The gym chain standardized facilities, employed motivational lighting, and offered affordable pricing, making fitness accessible to a diverse demographic.

Fortune Surges in IPO Debut:

The IPO debut of Smart Fit on the B3 was nothing short of spectacular. The company’s shares (SMFT3) surged by 34.78%, closing at R$ 31.00 per share. The IPO raised an impressive R$ 2.3 billion, catapulting Edgard Corona’s fortune to an estimated R$ 1.6 billion, according to Forbes. The remarkable success of Smart Fit’s IPO reflects investor confidence in Corona’s visionary leadership and the company’s potential for continued growth. The funds raised will be strategically deployed to fuel Smart Fit’s expansion across Latin America, solidifying its position as the region’s leading fitness provider.

Edgard Corona-The Leader in Fitness Centers in Brazil

Edgard Corona is the owner of Smart Fit, or as it is known in his native language of Brazil, dono da Smart Fit. He is the subject of an article in Professional Tales that is written in Portuguese, the language of Brazil, or Brasil as spelled in Portuguese. This article will cover the highlights of the article as translated in English.

Smart Fit is what is called a fitness center in the United States. Corona had worked in several industries but the idea to start this venture followed a skiing injury which required physical therapy. All that has led to the creation of one of largest fitness chains not only in Brazil but in Latin America.

Edgard Corona developed a plan for this enterprise that allowed people with limited time to work out become customers. He showed the public that fitness did not have to be all consuming. He has taken that philosophy to Mexico, Chile, and Peru among other countries.

Now when people in Brazil hear the word “fitness”, they think Edgard Corona. He has built a business model that transcends the workout industry. Corona uses the word “curve” to describe how businesses function. That means it is just not a straight line to success. The enterprise has its ups and downs. Some of that is related to the general economy, and other curves are just a natural part of business. He has stayed with his business model, and it has proven to be a winning formula.

Edgard Corona is a believer in what he calls group work. That means that all employees are involved in the business, It is not a case of one superior handing out orders. Everyone has a part of the company’s strategy. Corona has made limited workout time a success in Brazil through this continuous adjusting to meet the market.

Edgard Corona, the proprietor of Smart Fit, is renowned in Brazil’s fitness sector

Edgard Corona, founder and owner of Smart Fit, a prominent brand in the Brazilian fitness sector. He started his business in 2010 to provide affordable and accessible fitness services to Brazilians. Since then, Corona has natured Smart Fit to become one of the biggest fitness companies in Brazil, with more than 20,000 clients and 50 local franchises in Brazil.

The success of Edgard Corona as an entrepreneur has been attributed to his commitment to providing quality service and equipment at competitive prices. He also emphasizes customer service and satisfaction, ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and support when needed. Additionally, Edgard Corona has implemented innovative strategies such as online training programs and mobile applications that make it easier for customers to access their favorite workouts on the go. Corona’s commitment to providing quality service and equipment at competitive prices has earned him a reputation as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Brazilian fitness segment. His dedication to customer satisfaction and innovative strategies have made Smart Fit one of Brazil’s most popular fitness companies. With his leadership, Smart Fit has become a household name in the country, helping countless Brazilians stay fit and healthy and more

Corona’s success has also been attributed to his willingness to invest in the latest fitness technology. He has invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and software, which helps Smart Fit offer an unparalleled experience for its customers. Additionally, Corona has partnered with leading fitness companies worldwide, allowing Smart Fit to offer various services that cater to different needs and interests.

Corona is committed to providing high-quality service and equipment at competitive prices. Additionally, he is devoted to giving back to the community through his contributions to charities and non-profit organizations that promote physical activity and healthy living among Brazilians. Corona hopes to motivate more people to incorporate exercise into their lifestyles through these initiatives.