Raffaele Riva recap

Raffaele Riva is the founder and CEO of AUREA Multi Family Office. The firm has offices in Rome, Milan, and New York. AUREA was established in 2008 as a boutique wealth management company that manages multi-family office relationships with high-net-worth families and institutional clients.

Raffaele Riva is an expert in financial services, investment management, and family office. He has been featured in the “Financial Times” for his work on financial services in Italy and globally, Italian TV news for his work as expertise on economic diversity, to name a few. He has written several publications on wealth management and financial services. Raffaele is among the few people designing the regulatory framework for wealth management in Italy.

Raffaele Riva opens up on how he has managed to sharpen his skills and emerge victorious in his different endeavors:

A Positive Mindset

Raffaele Riva talks about the importance of having a positive outlook in life. He always sets his view of the world brightly and looks forward to a positive outcome. Raffaele believes that if someone wants to live a victorious life, they must set themselves up for a successful outcome. Riva has spent years working and has learned much from his colleagues and gurus on being positive in all aspects of life. He always sets his mind up for success and finds the positive outcomes of a situation to be successful. He has also coached other mentees on developing a positive outlook toward life and making the most of it.

Providing Value

Raffaele believes that to be successful in life, one must provide value to the people around him. He feels that one must have a strong will to help and serve others with all their being. He is also on a mission to make sure that everyone he comes across is done the best. One of his tips for success is to make sure that you are always helping people and providing them with value without expecting anything in return. See this article for more information.


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 Gary McGaghey , Vice President Finance at Unilever

Gary McGaghey is Vice President Finance at Unilever. He holds an MBA from Cambridge University with a major in Financial Economics. Gary has over 20 years of business experience in Europe and the US, and his background includes roles at JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs. For more information, please visit on Crunchbase

Gary is responsible for Unilever’s US Corporate Finance function including oversight of the US Treasury function. He also has responsibility for overseeing expense management for the company’s North American Supply Chain operations as well as leading Unilever’s initiative to make it easier to do business with the Company by reducing our regulatory burden on customers and vendors alike. From 2011-2014, Gary was based in Unilever’s Corporate Office in the UK and was also responsible for overseeing Unilever’s Global Sales and Marketing Supply Chain group, as well as other functions including Internal Audit, Information Technology, Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management.

Gary joined Unilever in 2004. Prior to this he worked for several years at Goldman Sachs and later Lehman Brothers in London. He has also worked for the US Department of Treasury as a Latin America Economist with responsibility for five countries including Brazil. He has published widely on Latin American Finance issues and was a regular contributor to the World Economic Forum’s annual meetings at Davos and Abu Dhabi.

Gary has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) since 1997, having achieved a Diploma in Accountancy and later being elected as a Fellow of the Institute. He was previously a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland’s Finance Advisory Committee. In 2012 he was appointed to the Global Financial Advisory Group Policy Committee which consists of senior executives from Unilever and other leading companies across various sectors with responsibility for policy matters affecting financial services and markets. Gary is also a Senior Advisor to The Netherlands Corporate Citizenship Forum, part of IKV-Bijeenkomst.

Raffaele Riva


As the Founder of AUREA Multi Family Office, Raffaele Riva has a strong understanding of wealth management and its importance in preserving family legacy. In this article, you’ll learn more about his journey to becoming a successful multi-family office founder and how his unique approach to wealth management has helped families all over the world.

Raffaele Riva had a passion for finance from a young age, leaving school at the age of 15 to pursue his dream. He worked in various financial roles before eventually founding AUREA Multi Family Office in 2011. His company offers a comprehensive suite of services that are tailored to each family’s individual needs and goals.

Raffaele Riva takes an innovative approach to wealth management, incorporating asset allocation techniques as well as modern technology and data science into the process. AUREA is dedicated to helping families build long-term generational wealth, while also providing them with personalized advice and expertise.

Raffaele Riva’s success has come from his commitment to providing clients with superior customer service and support throughout their wealth management journey. He firmly believes that the long-term relationships he builds with families will benefit both parties in the future.

Thanks to his vision and leadership, AUREA Multi Family Office is now one of the leading international wealth management companies in Europe and beyond. Through his experience and dedication, Raffaele Riva continues to help individuals and families lead successful lives through effective wealth management strategies.

Through his journey, Raffaele Riva has become a respected leader in the world of wealth management. His dedication to helping families build and sustain their legacies is something that sets him apart from other multi-family office founders. His unique approach to wealth management has helped many families achieve their goals and is sure to continue to do so in the years to come. Visit this page for related information.


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Raffaele Riva, the Founder Of Aurea Multi Family Office


Raffaele Riva is the founder of AUREA Multi-Family Office, a leading provider of wealth management and financial planning services. Riva has a long and successful track record in the financial industry. His expertise has helped AUREA become a trusted source for families and individuals seeking guidance with their financial planning.

Raffaele Riva’s passion for helping people achieve financial stability and success is evident in everything he does. He deeply understands the financial needs of families and individuals, and he works tirelessly to provide them with the best possible solutions. Whether helping clients navigate complex investment decisions or providing support during financial uncertainty, Riva is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their financial goals.

In addition to his expertise in the financial industry, Raffaele Riva is also a highly skilled business leader. He has a strong vision for AUREA and has worked tirelessly to build a team of talented professionals who share his passion for helping others. Through his leadership, AUREA has become a leading player in the wealth management industry and continues to grow and thrive under Riva’s direction.

One thing that sets Riva apart from other financial professionals is his commitment to transparency and honesty. He believes his clients deserve to understand their financial situation and the options available fully. He is always willing to take the time to explain complex financial concepts in a way that is easy to understand. This level of transparency and honesty has earned Raffaele Riva the trust and respect of his clients and contributed to AUREA’s success.

But Riva’s commitment to helping others extends beyond the walls of AUREA. He is actively involved in his community and frequently participates in charitable events and fundraising efforts to benefit those in need. He is a true leader in every sense of the word, and he inspires those around him to be their best selves and to make a positive impact on the world. Raffaele Riva is a highly skilled and respected financial expert and business leader. His dedication to helping others is evident in everything he does, and he is a true asset to the wealth management industry. Visit this page to learn more.


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Raffaele Riva

AUREA Multi-Family Office, established in 2008 by Riva, oversees a number of subsidiaries, including the Swiss enterprises Aurea Gestioni Patrimoniali SA and Aurea Consulenti Association SA. Riva retains an active role in these subsidiary firms, coordinating key discussions and acquisitions and monitoring private sector investment.

Raffaele Riva was born in Naples, Italy on March 21, 1938. He is the son of environmental engineer Giovanni Riva. He graduated from the University of Naples with a degree in engineering and science in 1959. That year he was also named to the national fencing team and sent to compete at the 1960 Rome Olympic Games.

In 1964 Riva entered a joint venture between his father’s company, Società Italiana siderurgica Titanica, and American firm U.S. Steel to build a steel mill near Naples; however, neither company invested funds or shareholders’ capital into the project, so it never came to fruition.

Raffaele Riva’s firm Aurea SGR, an Italian asset management firm, launched the Aurea Freedom Fund in 1994. In 2006, Aurea reported that assets under management had increased from €20 million to €200 million. The company has 10% market share of all real estate investment funds in Italy, and continues to expand operations across Europe and the United States. In 2010, Riva announced that a second real estate fund would be launched later that year.

Raffaele Riva gained government approval for his financial plans on March 11, 2012. He plans to invest 1 billion euros in Italy through 2017 and “turn around 30 companies”. He has promised to strengthen the country’s defense industry and manufacturing sector in addition to investing in real estate.

Raffaele Riva is married to Mara Cova, and has three children: Andrea, Filippo, and Ottavia. His son Andrea serves as deputy chairman of Aurea’s management committee. His sister Celeste is the wife of film producer Vittorio Cecchi Gori. Refer to this page for more information.


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Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is a data scientist working with various companies like Goldman Sachs, Amazon, and Facebook. He is currently an Executive Director in the Advanced Analytics group at Goldman Sachs.

Raffaele Riva has been part of the Big Data community for around ten years, starting his career in Luxembourg, where he led the development and deployment of large-scale analytics systems. He has since worked at various organizations in Dublin. Raffaele is passionate about applying data science and computational modeling to real-world business problems.

Raffaele holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Dublin City University, where he was a Knight Fellow. He has authored and edited several books, including ‘Data Mining with R’ and ‘Data Mining with EMBRACE.’ Raffaele Riva is an active member of the R Stack community. He blogs regularly on his blog, Data Science For Business, and has also written for the R Journal and the R News.

Raffaele is a published author of several books, including ‘Data Mining with EMBRACE’ (Wiley), ‘Computational Modelling Using MATLAB’ (Wiley), and ‘Data Mining with R’ (CRC Press). He is also a frequent speaker at international conferences. His interests include applied mathematics, behavioral finance, computational modeling, machine learning, and data mining.

Raffaele Riva is a regular speaker at Meetups in New York City and data science conferences worldwide.

He’s been featured in the R-Ladies NYC group, a non-profit organization aimed at women interested in data science and programming. They organized free events to help women learn more about data science through hands-on projects and discussions with women who work in the industry.

Alcoa Foundation’s Women & Girls Initiative is part of Alcoa’s ongoing commitment to help empower women, girls, and communities around the world. The Women & Girls Initiative is a global program that inspires and empowers girls by educating, mentoring and providing life-changing opportunities. He’s been selected to speak on the Data Science Panel at the Women in Big Data Conference 2017 on June 21 in NYC. See related link to learn more.


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Yacht Enthusiast Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde yacht enthusiast has lived by the water his whole life. His father is a very accomplished boater and now owns a 50-foot sailboat. His father taught him the basics of boating; teaching Monteverde about knots, the water, wind, etc. Juan Monteverde had spent his summers boating at the Barcelona yacht club as he was a member there. As a teenager, he would navigate the Mediterranean Sea where his families summer beach house is was located. During his senior year, he decided to make the drastic decision of moving from Spain to Santa Monica, California. There he completed his undergraduate. While in college, he had plans to be a stockbroker and majored in finance; but that all changed. In order to pay for what he needed, Monteverde took a job at a law firm in California.

During his time at the law firm, he was asked to participate in a two-week court case. His firm won and gave justice to two immigrants who had been defrauded by a developer. After that, he knew his passion was law. Immediately he began searching for law schools. His original plan was to move to New York, but suddenly he was offered a scholarship in Florida. He realized he would be studying for his dream job while being right by the ocean, so he jumped at the chance. There he got a job at global legal practice Diaz Reus and focused on his studies. A few years later Monteverde decided to make the move to New York. There he took on a job at the firm Farugi & Faruqi. He finally saved enough to buy him his first yacht, it was a 26-foot Monterey. He founded Monteverde & Associates Pc, this was a shareholder advocate. By doing this, Juan Monteverde was able to put together thw two things he enjoyed doing the most- law and the stock market.

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 Gary McGaghey Recap

William Lea Tag is a leading international specialist in manufacturing premium quality leather articles and in-line processing systems. The company is well known for its flagship product, Garment Care TM, a leather cleaning system that protects garments from stains and water damage. It manufactures many products, including leather care, tanning, embossing, stitching, and sewing machines. The group has six manufacturing plants in Germany, India, Romania, China, and the United States. Here we will take a closer look at the critical operational segments of William Lea Tag and how it operates as an organization today. This information can also be helpful if you plan to conduct an unlisted subsidiary or are interested in acquiring another business as an operating entity rather than as a passive investment.

  1. Get to Grips With Complex Cash Flow Requirements

Private equity firms often have short-term cash flow requirements and are looking for CFOs who can grow a company quickly, while still meeting the private equity firm’s financial targets. McGaghey says that this means that CFOs need to get to grips with what the business is generating and where its cash is flowing. This is a very complex cash flow arrangement. It is essential to understand a little about the components of cash flow. Cash flow is the amount of money that comes in, the amount that goes out, and all other sources and methods used to generate this cash.

  1. Building Effective Teams

To build effective teams, managers should first establish a clear understanding of each team member’s key roles and responsibilities. Next, they must define how each player will contribute to the team’s success. Managers can then build a team with members aligning with these roles and responsibilities.

Gary McGaghey is a successful CEO who has been widely quoted in the press, including Forbes. He is also a widely respected speaker at company meetings and investment conferences.

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From North Face To Sephora, Steve Lesnard Takes Global Marketing Successes To The Next "Beautiful" Level

When it comes to expert branding, Steve Lesnard has the magic touch. As the former CMO and Global VP of Product Creation at The North Face, the American outdoor recreation products company, Lesnard was able to boost the brand to new heights even during the challenges posed by the world’s pandemic.

Steve Lesnard Phone Number, Address, Age, Contact Info, Public Records ᐈ Radaris

Lesnard focused on audience expansion for The North Face by personalizing consumer interactions to the max. Customer feedback became a priority for the brand, and Lesnard’s team developed FUTURELIGHT, the breathable waterproof fabric that athletes had so badly needed in maintaining comfort and performance in some of the most extreme environments on earth.

Stream episode Steve Lesnard - CMO & Global VP Product Creation, The North Face (E68) by Love This Podcast podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

During his tenure at The North Face, Lesnard collaborated with high-profile luxury labels such as Gucci to create custom product lines. His team also united with the Reset Normal campaign to bring athletes, nonprofits and innovators together in pushing the outdoors to become even more accessible and inclusive to all individuals.

Lesnard is now sharing his creative edge with Sephora, the famous French multinational retailer of personal care/beauty products. His new adventure is taking him from a worldwide leader in sports to a worldwide leader in beauty, and he’s excited about strengthening Sephora’s international presence and launching new marketing initiatives as the global chief brand officer.

For him, Sephora was the next, sensible step in his career. He has a record of global marketing brilliance and innovation and values Sephora’s commitment to beauty that welcomes diversity and inclusion.

Lesnard and Sephora, it’s a “beautiful” relationship.

Yves Mirabaud on the changing world of investment banking

In a constantly changing industry, staying up to date on the latest trends can be challenging. Yves Mirabaud, partner at Mirabaud & Cie., discusses the changes he has seen in the investment banking world and how his firm has adapted to them. “We may seem old-fashioned,” Mirabaud says, “but we are very flexible.”

Yves Mirabaud explains that the most important thing for his firm is maintaining its values and traditions while being open to new ideas. “We want to be able to offer our clients the best of both worlds,” he says.

With over 200 years of experience, Mirabaud & Cie. has a long history of adaptability. In the firm’s early days, it was one of the first to offer banking services to businesses. Today, it is a leading player in private banking and asset management.

The key to Mirabaud & Cie.’s success has been its ability to change with the times while remaining true to its core values. “We have always been a family-run business,” Mirabaud says. “That has allowed us to be more agile and adaptable than some of our larger competitors.”

The firm is currently focusing on digital transformation, including developing new ways to serve its clients and expanding its global reach. “We want to be where our clients are,” Yves Mirabaud says. “And we want to offer them the same service level, whether in Geneva or New York.”

It is clear that Mirabaud & Cie. is a firm that is always looking to the future. With a long history of success and a commitment to innovation, it is poised to continue its excellent tradition for many years.

The key to a successful investment banking firm is its ability to change with the times while remaining true to its core values. This is something that Mirabaud & Cie. has done. Click here to learn more.


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