Crafting Change: The Global Influence of Hassan Jameel

In the intricate tapestry of international commerce and philanthropy, the thread of Hassan Jameel’s influence intertwines narratives of entrepreneurship and altruistic pursuits. Aged merely 29, Jameel encapsulates a vision that stretches beyond the horizons of commercial success, reaching into realms of social impact and global amelioration.

At the helm of Abdul Latif Jameel, a behemoth in the global business landscape, Jameel’s leadership paints a portrait of a company flourishing not only in its partnership with Toyota but diversifying into realms spanning real estate to environmental services. A mosaic of industries, reflecting the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit inherited from the company’s founder.

The philosophy of the business is a testament to simplicity – respect, improve, pioneer, and empower. These cornerstones shape Jameel’s approach, a compass guiding his philanthropic ventures through Community Jameel. Here, the business magnate transitions into a catalyst for societal transformation, heralding change, and nurturing futures.

Jameel’s endeavors through Community Jameel are a symphony of initiatives – from fostering job creation to enabling groundbreaking research for poverty alleviation, his influence resonates across borders. In 2018, this symphony played a crescendo – Bab Rizq Jameel Recruitment manifested an 18% increase in job opportunities in Saudi Arabia.


The realm of arts was not untouched. Kuwaiti artists Alia Farid and Aseel AlYaqoub were laureled with the inaugural Art Jameel Commissions: Sculpture. Art Jameel’s endeavors didn’t stop there, unveiling plans for a 17,000-square-meter creative hub in Saudi Arabia, set to cultivate Saudi talent.

The resonating notes of Jameel’s influence are evident – over 836,000 job opportunities globally, empowerment of 2.6 million individuals, support to hundreds of entrepreneurial start-ups, scholarships, and a place for Islamic art in world-renowned museums.

Unveiling Business Insights: The Visionary Journey of High Profile CEO Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a prominent and highly regarded CEO known for his exceptional business insights. As the co-founder of the multinational conglomerate QI Group, his innovative strategies and unique leadership style have propelled him to great heights of success. From the extraordinary career of Vijay Eswaran, entrepreneurs explore the personal business insights that have guided his successful journey.

  1. Embracing Gender Equality

By fostering an inclusive work environment, Eswaran promotes fairness and unlocks the untapped potential of diverse perspectives. Embracing gender equality has been a cornerstone of Eswaran’s business philosophy, enabling his organization to harness the full range of talent and creativity.

  1. The Sphere of Silence

Vijay Eswaran’s innovative “Sphere of Silence” concept offers a transformative approach to productivity and mindfulness. By dedicating time to silence and introspection daily, Eswaran has harnessed the power of focused reflection to enhance his decision-making.

  1. Taming the Ego

Vijay Eswaran’s emphasis on taming the ego highlights the crucial role of humility and open-mindedness in driving personal and professional growth. By recognizing the limitations of the ego and embracing a mindset of continuous learning, Eswaran fosters an environment conducive to innovation.

  1. The Business Case for Diversity

By championing diversity and inclusivity, he fosters an environment where different perspectives thrive, fueling innovation and driving performance. Eswaran knows diverse teams contribute knowledge, skills, and experiences that improve decision-making and problem-solving.

  1. Relieving Stress During High-Pressure Moments

Drawing from his extensive experience as a seasoned CEO, Vijay Eswaran offers valuable insights on managing stress during high-pressure moments. Eswaran emphasizes the importance of maintaining composure, finding balance, and prioritizing personal well-being amidst demanding circumstances.

By sharing his business insights, Eswaran empowers aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders to embrace inclusive practices, cultivate mindfulness, and prioritize their well-being. Vijay Eswaran’s remarkable legacy inspires future generations, highlighting the transformative power of visionary leadership in achieving sustainable business success.

  Vijay Eswaran- The Characteristic of a Leader

Vijay Eswaran is a leader helping others to be the best in their department. Vijay Eswaran noted that leadership is not only a title, and you never be appointed a leader even if your business card says it; leadership has to be earned. Vijay mentioned that certain people could inspire others. Steve Jobs noted that leadership is about changing the lives of others to do things they have never done. Vijay has mentioned several leaders in the country, including Dr. Martin Luther King, and humanitarian Mahatma Gandhi, among many others. These leaders have been an inspiration to the world. Vijay Eswaran has listed the characteristics of a leader as listed below.

Leaders Care: the trademark of a great leader is the care and concern they give to the people around them. Showing sympathy towards others is about characteristics that others can feel and hear when they are with you. Caring leaders are known for their honest attention to others. A good leader always works to better the lives of others.

Leaders are Purpose Driven: a leader is well-defined by a resolution more significant than themselves. When that purpose serves a good purpose, that shows that the leader is the greatest. A leader is someone who has a sense that goes beyond that.

Leaders Take Ownership: most people settle well in the responsibilities they were born with. Then some stand out for interesting rank quo, looking to better themselves and the situation in which they are—the ones who declined to take the cards they were distributed with and sought to alter the game. Real leaders take possession of their lives; they do not let others take part in their lives or any circumstance to change who they are.

Leaders Empower: According to experts, every human race has a sense of belonging; they have the desire to belong to specific culture, class, and community.

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 Stephen Bird Recap

Stephen Bird is the founder of Abrdn, a startup similar to Upwork. He is a tech veteran who is always looking to do more with less. When he founded Abrdn, Bird saw his opportunity to try something new, which was reverse mentoring.

  1. About Abdrn Company

Abrdn is a UK Global investment firm that helps creative people turn their ideas into a business. To make that happen, Abrdn invests in entrepreneurs who have invented products and services that solve real-world problems. With a fixed rate of 6%, Abrdn spreads the risk for its investors by investing in multiple projects and giving them more capital to scale up. It offers access to a vast network of global investors, industry experts, and founders who will help you grow your business faster than you could.

  1. Stephen Bird’s StartUp Journey

Bird founded Abrdn after a lucrative career as a trader in London. When he was 38, he sold his trading business and took some time to travel. He soon realized that he did not know how to follow his dreams. He was watching Shark Tank, and an idea hit him: there are creative people who have ideas but do not know what to do with them. Bird, who enjoys helping others with their endeavors, decided to form Abrdn and give creative minds the tools they need to succeed. More information can be found on Crunchbase

  1. Reverse Mentoring and the Abrdn Team

Reverse mentoring is when experts teach wisdom to new talent. Bird was looking for a way to help young people in Abrdn and decided that reverse mentoring was the best way to do so. The idea of reverse mentoring is that senior company members talk with junior employees and give them advice.

Stephen Bird has learned that reverse mentoring provides a fresh perspective to new ideas and is an excellent way for young people to understand.  It is essential to take risks to grow, and reverse mentoring is a risk that has worked out well in Abrdn. It has benefited the company’s growth, and there are likely more positive outcomes.