Happy Joe’s at the Nile River

Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor is a famous American fast-food restaurant chain based in Bettendorff, Iowa. It specializes in gourmet pizza and in ice cream treats. Founded in 1972 by Lawrence Joseph “Happy Joe” Whitty, the concept behind the establishment was inspired by a combination between a pizza parlor and an ice cream palace. 


Today the restaurants can be found throughout the Midwest and South; however, they also operate in Middle Eastern countries. Happy Joe’s began franchising in 1993 and has expanded to over 850 stores worldwide. The chain was started by Lawrence Joseph “Happy” Joe Whitty after he was fired for throwing a kid’s birthday party at work. 


Birthday parties became a focus of the restaurant, along with its signature taco pizza and ice cream-flavored yogurt. In the late 20th century, the chain operated a branch in Cairo, Egypt. The Happy Joe’s American Pizza Parlor branch was shaped like a boat on the Nile River.


In the 2010s, the chain began offering a new concept alongside the original restaurants called Happy Joe’s Pizzeria. Customers can enjoy traditional American food, including their signature pizzas and Jojos, along with their signature menu items. Their buffet features a variety of dishes ranging from appetizers to desserts.


Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream is paying tribute to its 50th anniversary and its founder’s birthday with a $50,000 cash giveaway. Each family gets $1,000 to support disabled children. In addition, Happy Joe’s is running a giveaway campaign for a 2022 Ford Explorer ST. Guests who visit Happy Joe’s away can enter for a chance to receive a brand-new sports utility vehicle, along with a $17,000 prize to cover sales tax.