QNET: The Fight For Redemption and the Realities of Direct Selling

When the gavel fell in a Beninese courtroom this July, acquitting three QNET representatives, it was not just a legal triumph. This was a declaration, a line drawn in the sand, signaling the beginning of a new chapter in the understanding of direct selling and the reclamation of QNET’s reputation in the region.

Navigating the vast landscape of direct selling, QNET has often found itself battling skepticism. Direct selling, in the shadows of misinformation, has been misconstrued by many. But this business model, projecting a growth of $78.81 million in the next five years, is not just legitimate; it’s revolutionary. Learn more on Twitter

By sidestepping traditional retail structures, QNET empowers independent representatives to own their entrepreneurial journeys. They aren’t peddling pipe dreams but tangible, quality products. And herein lies the distinction from pyramid schemes: QNET rewards for product sales, not recruitment. As Biram Fall, a regional manager for the company, clarified, their plan is rooted in genuine sales referrals.

QNET is not a fledgling operation but has been a global force since 1998, operating under the wing of the QI Group. Its footprint spans nearly 100 countries, touching countless lives with opportunities. And yet, the company finds itself repeatedly thrust into the line of fire, primarily due to misunderstandings and a handful of disgruntled ex-representatives.

In our information age, the battle for truth is ceaseless. Misinformation is a potent toxin, one that QNET has confronted head-on. Their Direct Selling Disinformation Centre is a testament to their commitment to truth. It’s an innovative and necessary salvo against industry naysayers. Moreover, the culturally attuned Mama Campaign in Ghana showcases QNET’s deep understanding of its market and its dedication to education and clarity.

In Benin, as those three representatives walked free, a message was sent: QNET stands resilient, grounded in its values and focused on its mission, even in the face of adversity.


Matthew Mansell: Building a Successful Startup Through Cooperation over Competition

Matthew Mansell, the Athlo founder, firmly believes that cooperation over competition is the key to a successful startup. His ethics and principles have helped him create a brand that is unique, forward-thinking, and geared towards helping people reach their highest physical and mental potential.

At only 25 years old, Matthew Mansell has already begun to pave his way in the startup world, quickly gaining recognition as one of the most promising fitness-tech companies. Some industry experts predict that this company may be the next fitness unicorn.


Mansell’s vision for this company is to help fitness enthusiasts of all experience levels achieve their goals through technology and community support. It offers a range of products and services, including virtual classes, personalized training regimens, and community forums.

However, what truly sets the company apart from the competition is the sense of community that the brand provides. Matthew Mansell has implemented various features with his team that allows customers to connect with like-minded individuals, share motivational tips and inspiration, and even compete in team challenges.

Mansell’s approach to business is all about building strong relationships between customers and Athlo and other companies and organizations in the fitness industry. Instead of seeing others in the industry as competition, it has actively sought partnerships with other brands to broaden its reach and expand its offerings.

Mansell’s journey toward success has been challenging. However, he has managed to overcome obstacles and retain a positive mindset throughout his journey, with cooperation being a key part of his success.

Athlo has rapidly built a loyal customer base due to its commitment to community, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Matthew Mansell’s continued dedication to his brand’s values assures that it will continue to grow and develop.

In summary, Matthew Mansell’s dedication to creating a unique and positive community-centered fitness-tech brand has allowed this company to stand out in the crowded startup market. Through cooperation and a focus on customer satisfaction, it has built a loyal following and positioned itself as a key player in the future of fitness technology. See this page for additional information.


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Matthew Mansell is a dedicated entrepreneur and leader with a vision of advancing Athlo. As the owner and founder of the company, Mathew believes the fitness platform would be the next fitness unicorn. He thinks the best move is to team up with potential competitors to improve service delivery and maximize profits.

Athlo’s founder learned important values in cooperation when he was a rugby player. Matthew Mansell plans to adopt a cooperative philosophy in the running of the company.


Most gym owners and fitness centers find the idea of cooperation between competitors as a market disruptor guaranteed to displace the status quo. However, Mathew Mansell believes there is an alternative way to use cooperation with other gyms and fitness centers.

Matthew Mansell plans to bring brick-and-motor fitness centers into Athlo’s digital framework rather than enticing their clients. He believes the business model would help foster a symbiotic relationship between his company and other fitness centers.

Matthew also believes his business model will help fitness providers function and co-exist in the same environment. This would allow the providers to offer their clients better services and improve the fitness sector.

According to experts, the estimated value of the fitness industry is approximately $87 billion. The figure is projected to increase with time because more people invest in their health. These projections estimate the industry will reach a record high of $300 billion within five years. Therefore, the data indicate that the Athlo founder is moving in the right direction because health and fitness is the future.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused the disruption of normal business operations and the running of gyms. This led to the closure of fitness facilities, consequently leading to losses from which several gyms have not fully recovered. Mr. Matthew Mansell’s revolutionary idea would help fitness centers retain active customers and campaign to sign new members. Refer to this article for related information.


Learn more about Mansell on https://professionaltales.com/heres-what-athlo-founder-matthew-mansell-wants-you-to-know-about-the-next-fitness-unicorn/


Matthew Mansell and Athlo

Athlo is a community for entrepreneurial professionals. It was created for people who are just starting out and want to meet others with similar interests and find the resources they need to succeed. This is a space of positivity, innovation, and support—where you can learn from colleagues in the same industry and even invite each other to speak on panels about your experiences regarding fitness and nutrition, marketing and sales, building a business, and more. It’s no secret that tech startups can be in a competitive environment.


Those in the industry will tell you stories about how competition makes you work faster and smarter—and it does. But in the same breath, they’ll stress the importance of cooperation. For Athlo founder Matthew Mansell, cooperation has always been the driving force behind his vision for creating a place where entrepreneurial professionals could connect, grow their businesses, and become leaders in their own communities. We all know that being one of the first companies in an industry isn’t easy. Establishing a name for yourself in unfamiliar territory can be challenging. Still, the app has more than enough resources available to help you get started and plenty of events that teach best practices for succeeding as an entrepreneur up-front. Matthew Mansell is the next fitness unicorn, and his generation will make it much easier for entrepreneurs from other industries to do the same. As Matthew Mansell explains: “We’re all interested in business, and we all have our own experiences that we can share with the community members. As an entrepreneur in any industry, you need to be able to learn from other experiences in your field—whether it’s marketing strategies or customer support.” What separates Athlo from other communities is that it offers members a chance to read about what other professionals are doing and get advice directly from experts who know what they’re talking about. Visit this page for additional information.


More about Mansell on https://professionaltales.com/heres-what-athlo-founder-matthew-mansell-wants-you-to-know-about-the-next-fitness-unicorn/

A Hybrid World, Athlo and the Future of Fitness


The recent explosion of technology has made the world smaller and more interconnected. Today, ideas and innovations travel faster than ever before. We have access to so much information that learning new things is easy. So, what is the future of fitness?

Athlo, a sharing economy fitness app that allows users to share unused or underused equipment. “The workout community is growing and needs new ways to stay motivated and inspired,” confided Athlo Founder Matthew Mansell. “Many people pay for gym memberships because they cannot find time for a workout at home.” Unlike other apps, this fitness app allows users to share anything from workout equipment and group fitness classes to personal trainers and sports leagues. Users can find everything in one app to stay healthy and fit.

Mathew Mansell is the creator of Athlo, a digital fitness group. The fitness group, which the Athlo Founder says is the next fitness unicorn, was established during the covid-19 pandemic.

According to Matthew Mansell, digital fitness curtails the intimidation of people apprehensive about training. The fitness app is designed to make exercise less intimidating and more inclusive for people of all fitness levels. ” The fitness app eliminates the barrier in traditional fitness clubs and gyms,” Matthew Mansell said. “Not everyone feels comfortable walking into a gym, so we provided users with an easy solution.

We have allowed anyone to find a workout at home, whether in their living room or backyard. We believe the future of healthy living is healthier, and we hope to continue to inspire this new way of thinking.” For the app users, the process is simple. When they download the service on their smartphone, it automatically sends a notification to everyone in their fitness group.

Then, all users can add each other to their groups and be members of a workout community as simple as texting or sharing a photo. “This app is for everyone and anyone,” Mansell said. “We want our users to enjoy and share fitness with others. It’s an app that builds communities, motivates people, and is life-changing. This is a whole new way of keeping fit.” The next fitness unicorn is Athlo; the app allows users to find a workout at home in their living room or backyard. Refer to this article for additional information.


More about Mansell on https://www.rushprnews.com/2023/01/12/how-matthew-mansell-founder-of-athlo-turned-a-passion-for-fitness-into-the-next-fitness-unicorn%EF%BF%BC/


How Matthew Mansell Is Revolutionizing Gym Memberships



For those unfamiliar with unicorns in the business sense, they are startup companies that have reached a valuation of $1 billion or more without ever launching an IPO and going public. One company that has achieved this milestone is Athlo, a UK-based fitness marketplace where individuals can buy and sell gym memberships via an app.

How an App Turned a Startup Into the Next Fitness Unicorn

To appreciate Athlo’s success in the gym membership space, it helps to know more about Athlo Founder Matthew Mansell, especially since the idea of buying and selling gym memberships online was his. A former professional rugby player, Matthew Mansell was always fascinated with the business world. Because of that, he was always looking for opportunities to bridge his love of sports and passion for business after retiring. And in 2022, he created an app that did something gym aggregators couldn’t do, disrupt an $87 billion global fitness industry.

The Athlo’s Business Model: Gym Memberships Reimagined

To appreciate Athlo’s business model and why Mansell chose it for his startup, we have to discuss gym aggregators. Also known as fitness aggregators, gym aggregators are apps that provide users access to numerous gyms and fitness programs via a single monthly subscription.  While convenient, these aggregators encourage gym hopping, which leads to some gyms seeing less traffic and, of course, less revenue.

Mansell’s business model, on the other hand, provides gym-goers with a platform to sell their unused membership days to other fitness-minded individuals who do not want to invest in a months-long gym membership.  For gym owners and individuals interested in buying and selling gym membership days and classes, this unique business model offers the following:

  • Provides a commitment-free gym or fitness experience at a discounted rate
  • Enabling gym owners to attract new, long-term gym members without spending on advertising
  • Existing gym membership retention for gym owners

In summary, the Athlo Founder; Matthew Mansell struck gold by breaking away from the status quo and providing customers with a new and different kind of gym experience.

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More about Mansell on https://london-post.co.uk/matthew-mansell-sees-cooperation-over-competition-as-key-to-building-a-successful-startup/


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The Athlo App


During the covid-19 pandemic the fitness and health industry was most affected, and most gyms closed down. The only remaining option was to work and work out from home. Athlo was born and formed during the pandemic. Mathew Mansell is the founder of the wellness and fitness organization.

Matthew Mansell developed an application that replaced the gyms. The application was responsible for sharing fitness exercises, as individuals can earn from sharing the exercises with others.

When the Athlo Founder created the organization, he wanted to offer the best to his clients. However, the Covid-19 pandemic rules have been loosened, and the world is now returning to its norm that allows social places, including gyms, to open for business. Even though that does not shake the Athlo business, Mathew trusts that the organization is here to stay despite gyms returning to business.

He stated that he believes that the application is the next fitness unicorn and will be a leader in the digital health and fitness industry. Matthew Mansell admitted that, even though the world is back to its norm, people still work from home while others travel the world for work a few days and weeks a month. The application greatly benefits those who are still working from home and those traveling. Mathew and his team also care for those individuals who cannot visit the gyms. The exercises are also sold the gyms.

Matthew Mansell also mentioned that he is sure that digital fitness is here to stay. He also trusts that online and physical fitness should start working together. He says he cannot go against physical gyms because they are also there to stay. Mansell said that he never thought his application would be acting between the brick-and-mortar gyms; alternatively, he hopes the two will work together. Mathew hopes that one day the digital and the physical gyms will work hand in hand. Refer to this article for more information.


Learn more about Athlo on https://www.quora.com/profile/Matthew-Mansell-18


Athlo Brings Fitness Solution To Today’s World


Whether the pandemic has ended or not, it has succeeded over the previous three years in disrupting many social conventions. How individuals get to and from work, where they settle down, and how often they hit the gym have all changed.

Many of these alterations will probably remain, at least partially, long after the pandemic has ended.

It is a sharing economy app focused on physical fitness, was launched during the pandemic, and its creators are optimistic that it will survive long after the epidemic has subsided.

Matthew Mansell established the Athlo corporation. Users, clubs, and fitness enthusiasts can pool and share resources like workout courses and gym memberships.

During the height of the outbreak, many members stayed at home or temporarily canceled their subscriptions to health clubs and similar enterprises, leading to a significant decline in patronage.

Home gyms, free weights (ask anyone who tried to buy a dumbbell in 2020 or 2021), and workout apps like Peloton rose in popularity as people sought alternatives to costly gym memberships. Companies like Peloton have taken a hit and are repositioning themselves for the “post-COVID” era now that people are (predominantly) back at gyms, yoga studios, and CrossFit stadiums. They have become the next fitness unicorn.

The Golden Age for Athlo

People still work from home a couple of days a week and travel into major cities a couple of times a week,” Mansell added, describing the early post-COVID world or post-pandemic as a Hybrid Paradigm. It may not make financial sense to join a gym if one already has sufficient amenities at home.

According to Athlo Founder, their hybrid nature, customization options, and adaptability make them an attractive customer choice. All the fitness centers they’ve partnered with allow their customers to resell their memberships or lessons for a profit.

You can make money off of it when it’s not in use, and they can save money by using your gym as a home base while they subscribe to other Athlo facilities and courses. Visit this page to learn more.


More about Athlo on https://www.dailystar.co.uk/life-style/now-you-can-rent-out-28222818