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During the covid-19 pandemic the fitness and health industry was most affected, and most gyms closed down. The only remaining option was to work and work out from home. Athlo was born and formed during the pandemic. Mathew Mansell is the founder of the wellness and fitness organization.

Matthew Mansell developed an application that replaced the gyms. The application was responsible for sharing fitness exercises, as individuals can earn from sharing the exercises with others.

When the Athlo Founder created the organization, he wanted to offer the best to his clients. However, the Covid-19 pandemic rules have been loosened, and the world is now returning to its norm that allows social places, including gyms, to open for business. Even though that does not shake the Athlo business, Mathew trusts that the organization is here to stay despite gyms returning to business.

He stated that he believes that the application is the next fitness unicorn and will be a leader in the digital health and fitness industry. Matthew Mansell admitted that, even though the world is back to its norm, people still work from home while others travel the world for work a few days and weeks a month. The application greatly benefits those who are still working from home and those traveling. Mathew and his team also care for those individuals who cannot visit the gyms. The exercises are also sold the gyms.

Matthew Mansell also mentioned that he is sure that digital fitness is here to stay. He also trusts that online and physical fitness should start working together. He says he cannot go against physical gyms because they are also there to stay. Mansell said that he never thought his application would be acting between the brick-and-mortar gyms; alternatively, he hopes the two will work together. Mathew hopes that one day the digital and the physical gyms will work hand in hand. Refer to this article for more information.


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Athlo Brings Fitness Solution To Today’s World


Whether the pandemic has ended or not, it has succeeded over the previous three years in disrupting many social conventions. How individuals get to and from work, where they settle down, and how often they hit the gym have all changed.

Many of these alterations will probably remain, at least partially, long after the pandemic has ended.

It is a sharing economy app focused on physical fitness, was launched during the pandemic, and its creators are optimistic that it will survive long after the epidemic has subsided.

Matthew Mansell established the Athlo corporation. Users, clubs, and fitness enthusiasts can pool and share resources like workout courses and gym memberships.

During the height of the outbreak, many members stayed at home or temporarily canceled their subscriptions to health clubs and similar enterprises, leading to a significant decline in patronage.

Home gyms, free weights (ask anyone who tried to buy a dumbbell in 2020 or 2021), and workout apps like Peloton rose in popularity as people sought alternatives to costly gym memberships. Companies like Peloton have taken a hit and are repositioning themselves for the “post-COVID” era now that people are (predominantly) back at gyms, yoga studios, and CrossFit stadiums. They have become the next fitness unicorn.

The Golden Age for Athlo

People still work from home a couple of days a week and travel into major cities a couple of times a week,” Mansell added, describing the early post-COVID world or post-pandemic as a Hybrid Paradigm. It may not make financial sense to join a gym if one already has sufficient amenities at home.

According to Athlo Founder, their hybrid nature, customization options, and adaptability make them an attractive customer choice. All the fitness centers they’ve partnered with allow their customers to resell their memberships or lessons for a profit.

You can make money off of it when it’s not in use, and they can save money by using your gym as a home base while they subscribe to other Athlo facilities and courses. Visit this page to learn more.


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