Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is an American businessman who is the Chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group, a diversified holding company with assets in paper and packaging distribution; sports entertainment; real estate development; media, marketing, and broadcasting; dairy farming operations; coffee roasting; wine making and distribution. He is also the chairman of the New England Patriots.

A graduate of Harvard University with a degree in economics, Robert Kraft was not one to follow in his father’s footsteps working at Nabisco due to football taking precedent for him. Instead he used his college degree to calculate how much money could be made off certain National Football League (NFL) teams that were for sale at the time from a financial standpoint. With his business soon flourishing, he was then given the opportunity to purchase the Patriots for $175 million before the 1985 season, which he agreed to.

As owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft has seen his team win five Super Bowls and seven AFC championships. His teams have appeared in ten Super Bowls overall and won nine AFC championships. In 2005, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell awarded Kraft the first-ever “Maryland Football” Man of the Year Award in honor of Kraft’s dedication to the community through philanthropy and support of organizations such as The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Boston and The Jimmy Fund.

Robert Kraft was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010, the sole owner unanimously accepted. In 2012, he won the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award for his philanthropic endeavors and social action. The Kraft family owns a minority interest in the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer. Off the field, Kraft is a member of the Board of Trustees for The Boston Ballet and is also co-chairman/co-founder of The Kraft Group Foundation along with his wife Myra and children Jonathan, Jennifer and Robert Jr. See this article for more information.


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 Wayne von Borste, an Entrepreneur and Business Leader

In addition to his business ventures, Von Borste has served on the Student Business Board at USC and has attended many alumni events during his time as an alumnus. Furthermore, he has spoken at several events, including the University of Southern California Alumni Banquet in April 2007 and the Alaska Student Leadership Conference in 2010. In April 2013, he spoke on behalf of Alaska Governor Sean Parnell at a ceremony celebrating 100 years of Alaskan statehood.

Von Borste married his long-time girlfriend, Jennifer Jacobs, on June 26, 2010. Jacobs is a former fashion model and the couple have a son and daughter together. Wayne has one daughter from a previous marriage.

Von Borste currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska.

von Borste began his career working for several Fortune 500 companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation (a multinational conglomerate holding company), LUKOIL (Russia’s largest oil producer), Eaton Corporation (a global power management company), CIGNA Corporation (an international supplier of health care services and related insurance products) and JPL (California Institute of Technology overseeing all robotic planetary missions). Later, Wayne would enter the world of small business by starting his own company called Von Borste & Associates. The company was a management consulting and educational firm focused on strategic planning and business development.

Von Borste first ran for Alaska’s State House in 1994 as a Republican candidate, but lost to Garry Rogers. He ran again in 1996, defeating Green Party candidate Harry Crawford and Libertarian candidate Tom Johnson to become Alaska’s youngest ever state representative at age 23 (a record he still holds). He would also serve as an Alaska Senate Page while in high school and later earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alaska.

In 1998, Von Borstel was appointed by Governor Tony Knowles to chair the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education and was later elected by the Republican Caucus to serve as Acting Speaker of the State House. In 2000, he served as a delegate for George W. Bush at the Republican National Convention. Later that year, in November 2000, he was reelected by a small margin over Democrat Sonya Sholler to serve his fourth term as state representative for District 24 (a coastal district encompassing downtown Anchorage and adjacent suburbs). For more information, please visit at

Robert Kraft Chief Executive Officer Of The New England Patriots


Robert Kraft’s vision for the New England Patriots was to build a team that represented the values of the town’s people. Kraft has always had a strong belief in his team, and he’s continued to support them even in their toughest times. One of his first moves as CEO was buying Danny Ainge’s share and placing him on the board. Under Kraft, the New England Patriots have won four Super Bowls, 8 AFC championships, 4 AFC title game appearances and more during their decade-long tenure with one new coach each season. The Patriots have become one of the NFL’s most successful teams, and they’ll begin their 2009 season with a chance to win their fifth Lombardi Trophy.

About Robert Kraft:  In 1979, Robert Kraft acquired the Patriots from Billy Sullivan for $70 million. At that time, he became the property of the club and was required to fulfill his duties as chairman of the board, chief executive officer and president. He assumed all these positions for the first time in 1983, when he purchased all shares in Boston Pizza Restaurants Inc. and sold the Patriots to James Orthwein.

Kraft then assumed the position of chairman and CEO of a holding company, Kraft Group Inc., which owned the Patriots. After Orthwein failed to get a new stadium built in Massachusetts, he sold the team to Kraft for $93 million. Since then, Kraft has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the team and facilities. In 1994, the Patriots moved into the new Pro Player Stadium, later renamed as Gillette Stadium in 2005 when a naming rights agreement was signed with Gillette.

Robert Kraft has been very active in Boston civic affairs and is a member of many organizations involved in local philanthropy. He is a past president of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Boston, and the Greater Boston Food Bank. He is also an executive committee member and trustee of The Salvation Army, having helped to raise over $13 million in donations to the organization since 1998. In addition to these great acts of charity, Kraft has also shown his support for our armed forces by supporting USO programs across the globe. Visit this page for related information.


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 Understanding Digitization Strategies with Hassan Jameel

Abdul Latif Jameel, commonly referred to as ALJ, is a global company based in Saudi Arabia. It has been in existence for more than seven decades and has offices in more than thirty countries. Hassan Jameel works as a principal in the company and works as the Deputy President and Vice Chairman. His name has come up in various avenues for his use of digitization strategies in the business.

How Hassan’s Digitization Strategies Impact ALJ

ALJ is among the many countries worldwide that have embraced tech innovations and development. They pride themselves in digital transformation to help ALJ get strategic about its operations. Hassan Jameel believes that data is the new gold in businesses, and we must know how to utilize it to enhance market trends, work new strategies, and streamline businesses all around.

According to Jameel, the COVID-19 pandemic speeded up ALJ’s digitization and inspired his leadership styles. Remember that this is a family-run business that began in 1945. Jameel’s grandfather named the company after himself and began his journey in the automotive world.

Hassan Jameel’s Goals on Digitization

To begin the process, Jameel recommends that a business starts with launching B2B platforms for car parts. The company intends to bring a platform to help buyers quickly access their required vehicle parts. These platforms will use ML (machine learning) on data to ALJ can predict the fluctuations in prices and the demand for the materials in the future. With this information, the company will get a good chance to plan its inventory quickly, build a good data culture, and save on costs.

The company is already hiring software and data engineers to help ALJ read and interpret data more effectively. According to Hassan Jameel, the company’s team will enhance problem-solving capacities from various points in the business. It is a great step that every business should consider.

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Robert K. Kraft: American Businessman Billionaire And The Kraft Group CEO


Kraft is an American businessman and the CEO of the Kraft Group. Kraft Foods is one of the world’s largest food retailers and one of America’s most recognizable brands. Through its subsidiaries, Kraft Foods operates a wide range of businesses that include grocery, convenience, healthcare, and other products.

In addition to its food business, Kraft Foods also operates various brands of beer, wine, electric power products, pet foods, building products, household, and other products. That has resulted in high-quality products and services for legacy customers and partners. The Kraft family has worked together for over three decades and has built a legacy of high-quality products, convenience, and convenience for the whole family.

When working with Robert Kraft, building value is always the priority. This is where the Kraft Group’s focus lies. The Kraft Group has a strong focus on relationships. We work with people worldwide who are different from ourselves in every way. This is a critical part of Kraft Group’s value system.

Robert Kraft has always been passionate about his work and was born into a manufacturing family. He grew up in Massachusetts and attended Andover Newton School, where he began his undergraduate studies in economics.

In addition to supporting many popular causes, Robert and Myra have also given big money to many smaller ones. For example, when Robert and Myra were younger, they gave a combined $100 million to education. Most of the money donated to date has gone towards various causes in the US and Israel.

But one key trait sets Robert Kraft’s company apart from the rest: belief in the power of one person to change the world. This cannot be easy to appreciate in a world where millions of people live each year without access to clean water, adequate healthcare, or decent nutrition. For Robert Kraft, it’s just one more way to make a difference.

Since his youth, Robert Kraft has always enjoyed exercise. As a child, he often ran when there was no such thing in a public pool. As an adult, he still maintains a passion for exercise, but he also makes sure to keep a strict vegan diet. In an age when many people seek to lose weight, Kraft’s diet routine has become popular.

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Robert Kraft Owner, The New England Patriots

Ever since Robert Kraft purchased the New England Patriots, he’s become an integral player in the NFL. He’s been lauded for his experience and stewardship of one of the most beloved football teams in America. But how did he manage to turn a team who had finished below .500 six times in nine years into a model franchise that has won three Super Bowls?

In this post, we’ll take you step-by-step through his ownership and how he turned the Pats from cellar dwellers to champions.

How Robert Kraft Became an NFL Owner

Robert Kraft was born in 1936. He grew up in the affluent neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, not far from the university that would become his alma mater, Ohio State University. There he played football and basketball before graduating with a degree in marketing.

After graduation, Robert Kraft found work at Bulova Watch Company. He took the job after literally running into the owner of the watch company, who was looking for someone to help him manage his team.

Kraft’s next job would come with a twist. Kraft was hired by Ted Williams, who was still playing baseball in retirement. He was given administrator of all things related to the Red Sox and soon became de facto manager of the team, allowing Williams to focus on his final year in the league. After Williams retired, Kraft would assume Williams’ title as president of the Red Sox.

In 1986, Robert Kraft purchased the New England Patriots, who had just finished their second consecutive last place season.

How Robert Kraft Turned the Pats Around

Kraft’s first order of business was to fire his predecessor’s head coach, Bob Simmons. He took over himself and implemented a new offense that featured a lot of running and no-huddle play. The Patriots’ offense under Kraft became known as “Pat Patriot”, which sounds like something you’d find in Dr. Seuss stories. Refer to this page for more information.


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 Marwan Kheireddine

The Lebanese banker discussed ways to improve its economy and to be able to finance the reconstruction process. He also discussed the political crisis in Lebanon and how it might affect its economic and financial stability.” Lebanon is an economy that is not robust, has too heavy a weight in the public sector, is too dependent on external support, with no real new investments coming into Lebanon.” said Marwan Kheireddine.

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Marwan Kheireddine also declared that “despite all of our difficulties … we have been able to maintain stability,”.improve its economy, and to be able to finance the reconstruction process. He also discussed the political crisis in Lebanon and how it might affect its economic and financial stability.” Lebanon is an economy that is not robust, has too heavy a weight in the public sector, is too dependent on external support, with no real new investments coming into Lebanon,” said Marwan Kheireddine.

  1. Personal Life

Marwan Kheireddine is a Lebanese banker born in Beirut, Lebanon, on April 16, 1971. He completed his Secondary Education at the French Lycee Du Parc Saint Michel and his Baccalaureate with honors. In 1990, Marwan obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Political Science, followed by a Master’s Degree in Business Law from the University of Lyon III. In 1994 he earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Distinction from the American University of Beirut. During this time, Marwan also played for the Lebanese national volleyball team and trained at the Olympic Committee training center for eight months.

  1. Political Career

Marwan began his active political career in 2005 as a member of the Higher Reform Committee. Later in 2005, he became a founding member of the Future Movement, an opposition party. Marwan is also part of the Lebanese coalition known as the March 8 Alliance, which comprises six political parties: The Free Patriotic Movement, Kataeb Party, Alleaned Forces, Geagea Forces, and Hezbollah.

Stephen Bittel Co-Founded TCA Financial

Founder and Chairman of Terranova Corporation, Stephen Bittel, is seen by many as the beginning of this renewal and a turning point for all of Miami. He is one of the wealthiest people in Florida, and he chose to invest in Miami with his hard-earned millions.

Stephen Bittel was born in New Jersey on December 23, 1952, to a Jewish family. His father was a real estate agent, and he eventually went into the same type of business. He attended the University of Maryland, where he earned his Bachelor’sBachelor’s degree in business.

He went on to get his Master’s degree in Real Estate from the University of South Florida. After he got his degrees, he began teaching at the University of Miami. In 2000, Bittel co-founded TCA Financial, a company that helped fund real estate projects. In 2002, he co-founded Terranova Corporation in Miami with partners Gabe Lehrman and Andy Meerow and served as its CEO.

Stephen Bittel attended the University of Miami School of Law for his law degree. He got a Master of Law in Consumer Protection from Florida International University. Stephen Bittel participated at the University of Maryland for his bachelor’sBachelor’s in business administration and earned his Master’s degree at the University of South Florida.

He has been involved in numerous real estate development projects as a re-known investor. In May 2007, he joined the board of directors of the Miami-Dade County Public School District. On November 20, 2011, he was named to the board of trustees of DePaul University and became chairman of the university’s board.

He is also a member of The Business Council and serves as its Public Policy Committee chairman. In Miami, he is a member of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and serves as chairman of its Economic Development Council. He is also a member of the Florida Council of 100 and serves as chair of its economic development subcommittee. Bittel has served on several boards, including Uptown Entertainment, which manages several prominent venues in Downtown Miami, including American Airlines Arena and Bayfront Park.

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Robert Kraft

Robert Kraft is the New England Patriots owner. Robert Kraft is one of the most influential sportspeople. He’s had a significant impact on both his team and also on New England as a whole. In 1994, Kraft bought the Patriots for $172 million with a group of partners. His leadership helped turn the team into an NFL powerhouse, playing in 8 Super Bowls and winning 5 (including last year’s).

In 2002, he built Gillette Stadium, where the Patriots play home games right outside Boston – now renamed as Brandt Stadium after its sponsorship by Gillette company- which was expanded again in 2003 to provide more space for luxury suites. He also has been a big supporter of the city of Boston, donating millions of his own money to local charities and even personally putting up $80 million to keep the city’s art museum open.

Robert Kraft has a net worth of $1.2 billion, making him one of the wealthiest people in New England and one of the richest men in the NFL.

But his football skills aren’t the only thing that’s made him a success – Robert Kraft is also a philanthropist, using his money to help other organizations, such as the United Way, and to spend on education reform. He’s one of the few NFL owners who don’t like to talk about football much but instead focus on other aspects of his business. He’s not afraid to admit that he didn’t know how to run a football team when he bought the Patriots, but he took the time to learn. With his business skills and leadership, Robert Kraft has helped make one of the most successful teams in American professional sports into one of the best-run businesses in the country.

Born in New York City, Robert was born with a silver spoon, as his father was one of the wealthiest men in the country. His father owned a chain of shoe stores and also had interests in the stock market. Growing up, he’d help at his parents’ store while they were both away on business trips. As a child, he’d spend his free time playing baseball and basketball with neighborhood kids. See related link to learn more.


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Jason Hope on Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity as the next major global phenomenon in recent years, but there’s still a lot to learn about this emerging technology. Not only Bitcoin, but practically all cryptocurrencies saw their prices plummet following a statement on the Chinese Banking Association and its website that warned financial institutions against utilizing digital currencies because of their volatility. Jason Hope explains that Cryptocurrency’s Promise For eCommerce Digital currencies are more important than ever in the booming eCommerce business. 


Both businesses and customers prefer to pay using crypto coins rather than credit cards, owing to decreased online transaction fees for eCommerce sites. Online Transactions That Are Safe Jason Hope, a leading futurology expert, says that businesses will soon demand a more secure online transaction system.


Philanthropist Jason Hope


Particularly to gain their customers’ trust. Putting Money Into The Future according to Jason Hope. He is adamant about why and how cryptocurrencies will increase the number of investment alternatives available to entrepreneurs. He believes that traditional private capital fundraising methods are no longer viable because digital currency investments may provide a lot more for early-stage enterprises with significant growth potential.


Due to his experience, activist investor and philanthropist Jason Hope comments that It’s Getting Easier to Raise Capital Without a Question, raising funding for early-stage startups has always been difficult. But these digital currencies are set to make it easier than ever. With the ICOs, startups may now quickly obtain funds from a large pool of global investors at a low cost. When a firm raises funds, the market reacts quickly, and that’s when share trading begins.


On Seeing the Big Picture, activist investor and philanthropist Jason Hope What the rest of the world is seeing right now is cryptocurrency volatility. This is largely to blame for Bitcoin’s recent price decline. However, because Jason is always looking at the broader picture, he believes that bitcoin will transform future enterprises on a whole new level. Despite the price dip, large corporations such as Square and Twitter remain strong supporters of Bitcoin.