Nj Ayuk is a Cameroonian attorney, entrepreneur, and author. Ayuk is the founder and chief executive officer of the Centurion Law Group, a Pan-African Corporate Law. He is also the founder of the African Energy Group, a company that develops renewable energy projects in Africa. Ayuk holds a Master’s degree in Law from City University Business School and a post-graduate diploma in intellectual property law from King’s College London. He is also the author of “It Needs To Be Done: My Journey To Become The Founder Of African Energy,” which documents his journey from growing up in poverty to becoming an experienced attorney advocating for climate change awareness and renewable development across Africa.

  1. Biography

Ayuk was born and raised in Cameroon. He was the fourth of seven children and one of the few privileged colored children who attended a private school. Ayuk was taken to a family of lawyers and entrepreneurs who supported his interest in Law from childhood. His uncle, Ernest, was the last French Attorney General of Cameroon. Ernest Ayuk advised young Ayuk on how to turn his passion for Law into a profession by attending law school.

  1. Education

Nj Ayuk started his first degree at the “John F. Kennedy Law School” in Douala, Cameroon. He graduated in 2000 with an LLB and LLM law degree. After school, Ayuk pursued an LLM at the “City University Business School” to obtain a Master’s degree in Law. He continued his education at King’s College London, receiving a Post-graduate diploma in Intellectual Property Law from King’s College London. He also holds a post-graduate diploma from City University Business School.

  1. Professional Career

Ayuk started his career by working as an attorney in “Ferguson, Brady & Cotterill” law firm in Douala. He worked there for two years until September 2003, when he moved to New York to pursue a Masters’s degree in Tax Law at The New School University. After his studies, from 2005-2007, Ayuk worked as an attorney for K&L Gates LLP and advised companies on international investor relations and securities distribution. He also worked as an associate attorney in the law firm “Koehler & Bradford” from 2007-2009. In 2009, Ayuk founded the Centurion Law Group (CLG), a Pan-African Corporate law firm.

  1. Author

Nj Ayuk is also an author who has published his memoir titled “It Needs To Be Done: My Journey To Become The Founder Of African Energy.” In this book, he documents his struggles and achievements throughout his life. He wrote this book to encourage other young people who work hard to be successful. He also wrote “Investment Guide to South Africa,” the first book a Cameroonian author wrote. He has edited several books by other authors and published them through the company “Afro-Town Publishing.”

  1. Awards and Recognition

Ayuk has received many awards, including one from the Cameroonian government for his contribution to the legal sector of Cameroon. In 2015, he was also awarded by President Paul Biya for his contribution to the development of the African Energy Group in Cameroon. Ayuk believes that an alternative to fossil fuels needs to be found, which led him to start his alternative energy company, “African Energy.”Also, in 2015 he was given the “International Energy Leader Of The Year” award from the African Energy Group. He is also a member of the International Young Leaders Network. Nj Ayuk is an innovator who created a company to develop alternative energies. He believed that the usage of fossil fuels was too harmful to the environment, and he developed wind turbines to provide power for Africa. This is a renewable energy source that does not cause harm to the environment. His company has expanded globally, and in Africa, it is continuing its quest to provide cheaper energy for African countries.