Krishen Iyer Ranks at the Inc. 5000 List

Krishen Iyer is a man on a mission. He is the founder and owner of MAIS Consulting, a consulting firm based in Encinitas, California. His career began with a degree from San Diego State University in Public Administration, followed by his journey into the insurance field. Since then, Krishen Iyer has established multiple successful businesses, including MNP Insurance and Managed Benefit Services (MBS), which have been recognized for their success. In addition to these business accomplishments, Krishen also engages in philanthropic endeavors such as Make-A-Wish Foundation.


 Success Story of Krishen Iyer: A Man on a Mission


Krishen Iyer´s career started with MNP Insurance (formerly known as Name My Premium). This company was included on the Inc. 5000 list in 2015 for its success. It provides services such as online quoting and automated rate shopping for insurance companies and brokers to help them reduce costs and streamline processes. It also uses algorithms to compare rates from different providers so that customers can get the best deal available. 


Furthermore, led by CEO Krishen Iyer, it offers lead generation services that target niche markets to maximize conversions for clients. In 2010, he launched Managed Benefits Services (MBS), an insurance agency and marketing firm that provides data-driven solutions to generate clients’ leads efficiently. Utilizing analytics processes and focusing on customer segmentation strategies are examples of how MBS works hard to bring meaningful results to its customers.


The serial entrepreneur´s philanthropic endeavors include involvement with Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to children who suffer from life-threatening illnesses such as cancer or heart conditions, among other diseases. Through this foundation, Krishen Iyer brings joy into the lives of children facing challenging times due to their illnesses – something he finds rewarding. 


He is also heavily involved in charitable organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters. He Gives Kids The World Village, where he donates time and resources regularly to help those in need achieve greater happiness when they need it most (Golden).




Through his work at MAIS Consulting, MNP Insurance, and Managed Benefits Services (MBS), Krishen Iyer has made an impressive mark on the business world. Still, even more impressive is his dedication to helping those in need through philanthropy – something he continues to do actively today through organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters. With all that he does, there’s no doubt that successful CEO and serial entrepreneur Krishen Iyer will continue making waves inside and outside the business world for years to come!