Happy Joe’s Expands its Reach with New Locations Across the Midwest

Happy Joe’s, a popular chain of pizzerias, has announced its expansion into new markets across the Midwest. This move is part of the company’s continued growth and commitment to providing its customers with quality food and great service.

Founded in 1972, Happy Joe’s has been serving delicious pizzas and other Italian-American dishes for nearly 50 years. The company is known for its signature taco pizza, which has been a fan favorite for generations. 


They have exponentially grown so much. Over the years,  the American Pizza Parlor has expanded its menu to include a variety of delicious options, such as subs, salads, and pasta dishes. With the recent expansion, Happy Joe’s is now serving customers in new markets across the Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. 


The company has opened several new locations, each featuring a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect place for families to gather and enjoy a meal. In addition to its delicious food, Happy Joe’s is also committed to giving back to the communities it serves. The company has a long-standing tradition of supporting local charities.


Happy Joe´s Kids Foundation

They also help organizations and has been recognized for its efforts in this area. With its continued growth and commitment to quality and service, the American Pizza Parlor is poised to become one of the leading pizzerias in the Midwest. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious pizza, a hearty pasta dish.


Or, if you please, a tasty salad, Happy Joe’s gourmet pizza and ice cream place has something for everyone. In conclusion, the expansion of the pizza parlor into new markets across the Midwest is a testament to the company’s commitment to growth and excellence. With its delicious food, warm atmosphere, and commitment to giving back, Happy Joe’s is the perfect place for families to gather and enjoy a meal.