Greg Aziz by Premier Wynne

Greg Aziz is now heading up the Department of Transportation. He has worked with Metrolinx and the Toronto Transit Commission as a career civil engineer. He has also been on various boards and committees while studying and working in the field. Aziz will oversee Metrolinx, which will oversee GO Transit.


It will also be in charge of Union Pearson Express, UP Express Airport Link division, and several other transit agencies across Ontario. He is also tasked with delivering on what is being called “the two-minute warning” by Premier Wynne; this means that by 2024 all transportation projects must conclude within two years or less than 60% of their original estimated timeframe. And Greg Aziz was in charge of all of these projects.


He will also oversee the successful and unique Pan Am project, which has been criticized for mishandling funds and misappropriated planning. He explains that this is because his position requires that he sell off the land currently being used by the Pan Am games to private developers to pay for the $2 billion in costs being taken on by the government, which is mostly infrastructure. In addition, Greg Aziz has been looking at some Metrolinx projects.


Greg Aziz, chairman of Azimuth Group

In addition, successful businessman Greg Aziz has said that they are “in pretty good shape” and is looking forward to working with all sides to improve them. He also said that he felt this was an opportunity to give back to Ontario through his knowledge as a civil engineer. Leading Metrolinx is a big calling for the 53-year-old who has never served in government.


This, before and is more used to cross-border transportation projects. He will face a big learning curve with the Pan Am project, which was created partly to make Toronto look good to the international community. The serial entrepreneur Greg Aziz says he will try his best to ensure that Ontario shines through this while still getting all of the projects finished on time and on budget.