Happy Joe’s: Offers Unique Pizza

Over the past years, Happy Joe’s has been known for offering incredible food and unforgettable consumer service. That’s why this popular restaurant has been in business for 50 years. As a matter of fact, this restaurant recently celebrated its 50th anniversary last month. 

Information on Happy Joe´s

Happy Joe´s, A Restaurant Worth Experiencing 


If you’re in Iowa, you have to visit this incredible restaurant. The restaurant doesn’t just make any kind of pizza. It makes pizza with toppings that people love


Background About Happy Joe’s 


The restaurant was founded in the 1970s, and its founder was on a mission to create a pizza and ice cream place that people had never seen before. Have you ever heard of a taco pizza? One of the Happy Joe’s restaurant’s first menu items was a taco pizza. 


Happy Joe´s Pizza & Ice Cream

Community Involvement 


The great thing about this restaurant is its active involvement in the community. The founders strongly believe in giving back. The restaurant supports children’s causes by hosting a sports event for families. If you’re a runner, you will probably enjoy participating in this event at Happy Joe´s. 



Due to the restaurant’s great success, it’s no surprise that it has been recognized a lot over the years. Many people in Iowa consider Happy Joe’s the best pizza place in the state. The restaurant has been featured in QSR Magazine. In the future, the leaders of this restaurant want to make it the best pizza place in the country. You may see this pizza place in a few states soon.