Happy Joe’s Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Happy Joe’s Pizza is celebrating its 50th anniversary. This family-owned, independently run pizzeria opened its doors 50 years ago, intending to provide the best quality and most delicious pizza in town. They’ve come a long way from their first storefront and now have multiple branches, in addition to the online ordering option. 


To prove that they’re still just as committed to quality, the American Pizza Parlor gave a group of taste testers a chance to try the pizza before it opened its doors. The results were overwhelmingly positive. The company has remained afloat for more than four decades by focusing on quality. Happy Joe’s Pizza has been in business since 1972, which is a long time for a pizza joint. 


Their secret to surviving this long is making pizza people will love, and equally important; they’ve stayed committed to the same pizza they baked 50 years ago. That’s why the guests at their anniversary party could taste their “original” pizza: it has remained unchanged since 1972 and is overwhelmingly popular.


Happy Joe's Catering Services

The Happy Joe’s Formula for Success:

The company has a secret formula for its signature pizza which has propelled them to success. The company is established to bring together America’s two popular foods, ice cream and pizza, under one roof. Happy Joe’s has managed to stay in business because they’re able to create a customer base that has stayed the same size throughout the years they’ve been in business.

The business has also been able to follow the industry’s trends and bring out new things to keep up with the times. For example, at Happy Joe´s, they have a very extensive menu that caters to health-conscious consumers. They have vegetarian pizzas, low-sodium pizzas, and pizza with whole grains for those who care about their diet and calorie intake while enjoying really delicious pizza. As business owners, they’ve also kept up with technology and established online ordering for convenient service delivery.