Launch House Expanding To Contribute Growth To The Business Community

The last few years have been difficult for many companies, especially startups. The changes in conditions have tested the structure of business operations. With changes to operational systems, the type of funding needed to help a business grow has changed. There is also the need for other resources outside of finances.

Launch House was formed as a platform to assist emerging leaders in business. Helping these leaders grow creates stability in the business community. A strong business community helps to provide resources for consumers and revenue to entrepreneurs.

House Capital started as a Pre-Seed and Seed venture capital firm that provides financial assistance to companies in their beginning stages. The founders of House Capital, Brett Goldstein, Jacob Peters, and Michael Houck, created a community consisting of the founders of other businesses. With the intent to establish a network capable of providing information guidance and funding for new companies. Building a venture arm expands the resources and outlets within the business community.

Every business may go through a period where they may not know the best way to meet the needs of growing demand or how to market themselves for a higher level of exposure. With a $10M debut fund from House Capital, Launch House can work with companies within and outside the community. The benefits of being a member of the Launch House community are unlimited access to digital cohort-based courses, fundraising support, and executive coaching opportunities.

Also, there’s access to co-working clubhouses in key cities. The goal is to create authentic relationships that foster learning and professional development rather than transactional networking opportunities. The two underlying funds of House Capital, the venture partnership, allow for the solicitation of investments from additional accredited LPs. A valuable element in creating a shift towards an ownership-based economy.

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Launch House

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to have access to the most current information to make the best decisions for your business. Only the most innovative, social, and tech-savvy companies succeed. It is about taking what you know and helping you take it to the next level. It gives you the tools to succeed in a way that ensures your success and helps others achieve.

What is Launch House?

Launch House is a non-profit organization where people who want to launch a new project but need help come together and brainstorm solutions. The program includes events, start-up courses, web design, coding, marketing, and social media workshops. They also have support from mentors and offer free office space for the first six months of their project.

It is what you make of it. With a large community behind them, many start-up companies have used their services to get off the ground. Their tools are free to use and help provide a platform for local businesses that more giant corporations would otherwise overshadow.


Launch House was founded in 2009 by Clara Margarida and Dave Nichols. With the help of friends, they assisted with launching eight start-ups in three months. The success of the programs led them to expand and use their skills by mentoring other start-ups. They have helped over 30 start-up companies get off the ground.

In addition to offering support in their office facilities, it organizes workshops and mentoring events for their local community It also has a new program to help people launch their businesses through the program. This program runs in conjunction with the London Business School.

It created the Launch Pad in partnership with the London Business School. The Launch Pad is a 12-week online video-based business skills training course. It aims at individuals who have an idea for a business and want to get it off the ground. The training grounds you in all areas of ‘business basics,’ including marketing and sales, revenue models, financial management, legal issues, and more.

Launch House has a lot to offer. They are there to provide start-up companies with a helping hand in the early stages and continue to work with them until they establish. Their success rate proves that the Launch House method works, and with over 50% of their clients making profits from their businesses within six months of launch, it’s an opportunity that one shouldn’t pass up. Visit this page for related information.


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