Raffaele Riva: A Visionary Leader In International Financial Management

Raffaele Riva is a businessman with international experience in global financing. He runs the AUREA Multi Family Office and manages the finances of wealthy people. He serves clients from various countries around the world. At present, the company operates offices in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Italy. His companies manage client taxes, real estate, trusts, and other investments.

Raffaele Riva has the knowledge and experience to handle projects that include estate planning, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate financing on an international basis. This gives him an edge over the competition. Another factor that helps to drive his success is his education. He holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting, and an economics degree along with post-graduate education credentials. Riva is also fluent in English, Italian, and French. Add to this he’s a citizen of Italy and Switzerland.

His leadership skills along with his experience allows him to position his company on the world stage as a major factor in financial management. He and his company believe in providing the very best of services for his elite clients. Raffaele Riva believes that long-term business success is a result of waking up each morning with an intent to satisfy his clients. Service is the key. Correct anything that is wrong, and this act can provide value over a lifetime.

Raffaele Riva is always on the lookout for fresh new ideas. He keeps a close watch on global trends as well. This mindset keeps him open to exploring new opportunities and innovative ways to service his clients. He believes this is a leading cause for business growth. Riva has also offered support to companies that have caught his attention. He is both a mentor and an investor. His entire life is a success story that continues to influence the lives of others in his field. Read this article, for more information.


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Raffaele Riva: A Driving Force For The Wealthy In International Finance

AUREA Multi-Family Office is an international company that offers unique financial services to its clients across numerous countries in Europe. Raffaele Riva is the individual who started the firm and is now a co-owner. He has built a reputation as an astute businessman who is totally familiar with all of the factors that go into being highly successful in the international finance arena.

An article in the Exeter Daily outlines the parameters of AUREA. The firm has what the article calls “tributary” companies in several countries. These additional entities are managed by Raffaele Riva and his team of financial experts. They are fully aware of all the intricacies of international finance.

All of this work comes under the general topic of wealth management. The key is to provide individual guidance as the clientele of AUREA are all different individuals with special needs in a wide variety of fields encompassing many countries.

These areas range from corporate finance and everything that entails to real estate transactions. Of course, a continuing concern of wealthy individuals is estate planning. They want to ensure that their designated heirs will receive the maximum inheritance possible under existing laws.

Other areas where Raffaele Riva excels are the benefits of charitable contributions, managing large portfolios of assets, and navigating financial dealings across international borders.

Raffaele Riva brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to AUREA. He was responsible for beginning numerous startups. In addition, he worked for a large firm that had dealings in many countries. He served on boards for many companies in different settings. That gave him the knowledge of international finance.

Riva’s background attracts these wealthy individuals to AUREA. He and his staff provide them with the individual attention and advice they need and deserve. All of this has served to make the company highly successful.

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Raffaele Riva Makes Business His Treasure

Raffaele Riva has accomplished a great deal since he initially left his home nation of Italy. In that time, he has managed to conquer the world of wealth management. He has done so by logging time in a number of corporate institutions located in various places. At the end of the day, he has shown himself to be a true master of his chosen profession.

He is the CEO of the AUREA Multi-Family Office. This is a group of 4 separate entities that are drawn together under one unifying roof. The idea has always been to bring together all of the basic activities that wealth management consists of. The move to cover them all has led to the formation of this unique and innovative institution.

It hasn’t always been an easy task for Raffaele Riva to follow his dream. He is currently doing business to establish his AUREA Office in three nations. These include Italy, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. Along the way, he has been forced to deal with more than his share of challenges. These setbacks have always been overcome.

Raffaele Riva knows full well that the future will continue to be full of obstacles. This is the natural course for someone who wants to make a name for himself in this industry. Wealth management is an arena that presents more than its share of natural setbacks. The state of the economy is only one of the many challenges to deal with.

Riva has proven himself to be one of the rare CEOs that can think outside of the box. This is a quality that has proven to stand him in good stead in more than one instance. The natural resiliency that he possesses is a strength. It bodes well for the future of his AUREA Office. Visit this page for more information.


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Raffaele Riva is a New Kind of CEO

The AUREA Multi-Family Office is a highly unique institution in the realm of wealth management. This is a firm that was set up by Raffaele Riva. As a native of Italy, Raffaele Riva was empowered to think far outside of the box. His goal was to set up a firm that would extend its influence far outside of his homeland. This dream has since been realized.

AUREA is a firm that exists through a series of tributary companies. These exist in Italy, Switzerland, and the U.K. Riva and his team of global experts in the realm of finance are equipped with the skills to handle a wide variety of tasks. Their clients are some of the wealthiest people in the world who naturally expect great results.

Raffaele Riva intended AUREA to handle such aspects of the industry as wealth, assets, and taxes. The firm is also equipped to delve into the realm of real estate, trusts, and investments. As noted above, the clientele of the firm consists of elite, high profile clients. These people possess properties and investments in various countries.

AUREA Multi-Family Office was created to be the parent company to a series of four firms in various parts of Europe. They work together in order to provide diverse and fully customized financial services. The ultimate goal as stipulated by Raffaele Riva has always been to serve the needs of the elite. This includes individual as well as corporate clients.

All of these needs placed together were the spur that impelled Raffaele Riva to reach for a new kind of success. His goal was nothing less than to tackle each area of wealth management in one single firm. This was the reason why he created a truly multifaceted firm. His hard work and nascent vision have paid off to a high degree.

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Raffaele Riva – Why Optimism In Business Matters


Raffaele Riva is the founder and co-owner of the Aurea Multi-Family Office, a business that provides financial services for clients in global business dealings. Offering services like financial planning, asset management, and real estate, this organization has been critical for the success of many elite clients. At the core of this success is Riva’s focus on optimism in business. This outlook has allowed him to excel in his role and provide the leadership that his business needs to thrive.

More Than Just Numbers

A big part of the optimism that Raffaele Riva brings to his workplace is rooted in doing right by his clients. He knows that to grow his business he has to focus more on just the numbers and instead provide true value for his clients. To accomplish this, he’s always asking himself how he can provide better service. He’s also quick to step in and fix things when something goes wrong on his client’s end so that he can provide more value in their lives.

Finding Inspiration in Brilliant Minds

Brilliant minds think alike, and Raffaele Riva is no exception. He’s stated that he finds a lot of his inspiration in both fresh ideas and brilliant minds. He is also inspired by other entrepreneurs and the new strategies they use to grow their businesses. In fact, he supports growing business as both a mentor and investor.

Working Towards a Bright Future for International Business

Optimism isn’t just an abstract idea to Raffaele Riva. Instead, it is something that he puts into practice daily. He stays in close contact with his clients and personally oversees many of their dealings. This hands-on approach and his immense attention to detail have earned him a positive track record that stands out among his peers. Going forward, it is easy to see that Aurea will continue to be a major player in the world of international finance.

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Raffaele Riva: Guiding Companies to Financial Success Since 1997


Raffaele Riva is an accomplished Swiss-Italian businessman who has successfully navigated multiple financial exchanges at an international level. After working as a free agent for companies based in multiple countries, he has since founded the AUREA Multifamily Office, which is an international financial management firm that he also serves as its co-owner.

Through AUREA and its tributary companies, Raffaele Riva leads a team of financial experts to manage anything and everything relating to finance in more than one country. While AUREA has at least four European firms, based in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Italy, every branch is more than equipped with the know-how to help elite clients stay on top of their money.

The Vision

Given his experience with wealth management, corporate finance, estate planning, mergers, international commerce, and establishing startups, Raffaele Riva is a solid head to place within AUREA.

The man has been working with startups across the globe from 1997 to 2008. Riva has also been a board member for several subsidiaries. He started his path to success with an Economics degree and certification as a National Public Accountant from Milan’s Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. 1997 saw him finish Canton Ticino Management Business School’s SSQUEA post-grad program. Raffaele Riva also completed the SUPSI post-grad program at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland in 1998.

The vision responsible for Riva’s founding of AUREA was the best outlet for helping high-value investors and entrepreneurs with their needs and interests. Riva’s team engages in a vast network of international banks and other financial specialists so that their clients can receive the most lucrative products, support, and guarantees of profit. The staff of AUREA are also quite interested in offering their asset and wealth management services to individuals and corporations to serve any investor’s needs. Follow this page on Instagram, to learn more.


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Raffaele Riva and His Journey to Entrepreneurship

Raffaele Riva is a founder and one of the owners of the AUREA Multi Family Office, a major financial services firm. The firm was founded in 2008 and continues to offer different services, including wealth management, financial planning, insurance, asset management, and corporate finance and restructuring.

Riva’s Background

Raffaele Riva went to the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, earned a degree in economics, and then went to Canton Ticino Management Business School for a post-graduate program. He also did another post-graduate program at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland. His educational background gave him the knowledge he needed to form a business.

Before starting his company, Raffaele Riva was an Assistant Manager in an Audit and Accounting firm. He later became a senior executive in a multinational corporation. Thanks to his knowledge and skills, he has launched a few startups that have taken off.

The Success of AUREA

After being employed for about a decade, Riva finally decided to be his boss and founded AUREA Multifamily Office. Of course, starting a business comes with a few challenges. Fortunately, Riva had enough experience to navigate running an international business. By the time he was starting AUREA, he was an expert in international financing, corporate finance, asset management, mergers and acquisitions, and other related services.

Raffaele Riva is a well-connected business leader with dual citizenship and is fluent in three languages. To offer quality financial services, he has partnered with other experts, including asset management specialists, tax attorneys, and individual investors. His client list is made up of corporate and elite individuals who own multiple properties and invest in various countries.

Raffaele Riva has one simple goal, which is to give his clients value. He believes doing so contributes to the success of his company. As such, he tailors services to the needs of an individual, leaving them satisfied.

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Rising Above the Horizon: The Remarkable Journey of Raffaele Riva

In the realm of success stories, one name shines bright like a guiding star: Raffaele Riva. Through his unwavering dedication and visionary leadership, Raffaele Riva has carved a path of excellence in the financial world, leaving an indelible mark on the Aurea Multi-Family Group and beyond.

Unveiling the Visionary: Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva’s journey to success began with a passion for financial innovation and a steadfast commitment to excellence. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, Riva has consistently demonstrated an unmatched prowess in navigating complex financial landscapes.

Founding the Aurea Multi-Family Group

A pivotal moment in Raffaele Riva’s career came with founding of the Aurea Multi-Family Group, a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and foresight. The group, driven by Riva’s vision, swiftly emerged as a leading force in the financial sector, offering a comprehensive range of financial solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Revolutionizing the Financial Landscape

Raffaele Riva’s innovative approach to finance has propelled the Aurea Multi-Family Group to soaring heights. Through his keen insights and strategic thinking, Riva has successfully navigated market challenges, consistently achieving remarkable results for the group and its clients.

Empowering Client Success

At the heart of Raffaele Riva’s success lies his unwavering commitment to his clients. By prioritizing their goals and aspirations, he has fostered long-lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Riva’s client-centric approach has enabled individuals and families to achieve financial milestones and secure their future with confidence.

A Legacy of Excellence

Through his exceptional leadership, Raffaele Riva has created a legacy of excellence that inspires and guides the financial community. His profound impact reaches beyond the Aurea Multi-Family Group, as he serves as an influential figure in various industry initiatives, sharing his knowledge and expertise for the greater good.

As Raffaele Riva’s journey continues to unfold, the financial world eagerly awaits the next chapter of his success story. With his dedication, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Mr. Riva remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike. Follow this page on Instagram, to learn more.


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Raffaele Riva Recap

Raffaele founded the AUREA Multi-Family Office; an international financial management firm serves wealthy clients in various countries by providing multiple customized financial services. The AUREA Company was founded in 2008 when Riva realized there was a need for high-net-worth individuals to have specialized access to sophisticated, international bank services offered by major financial firms.

Before founding AUREA in 2008, Raffaele Riva founded numerous successful startups.

Raffaele Riva is a Catholic University of the Sacred Heart graduate with honors in Economics and a certification as a National Public Accountant and is a certified financial planner. Financial Raffaele Riva has helped clients restructure their investment portfolios in response to liquidity issues. Raffaele Riva played an instrumental role in assisting clients to maintain a steady cash flow even during the worst part of the recession. Currently, AUREA is working with several pension funds by providing asset management, financial consulting and insurance services.

Mr. Riva also works with his partners in the UK to help with their investment process and give them general advice on financial matters.

Raffaele Riva has been a director for AUREA since its inception in 2008. Raffaele has been responsible for overseeing all aspects of the investment process and has direct involvement in all investment activity of AUREA. Besides investing, Raffaele Riva also provides asset management services for the funds.

One of Aurea Multi-Family Group’s services includes helping with employee benefits and pension management. The company can help companies provide employees with retirement income plans that manage money well during their working years. By doing this, they ensure their employees can have a comfortable retirement plan. AUREA Multi-Family Group also provides wealth management services to their clients by compiling customized investment portfolios to meet each client’s needs and goals. They provide excellent tax strategies for their wealthy clients too.

Aurea continues to grow and offer additional services to their clients, including real estate services and diversifying financial portfolios. He plans to continue working with his client’s best interests in mind and using his wealth of experience in the financial industry to help them reach their goals. Visit this page for additional information.


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Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is an accomplished Italian artist. In his work, he draws inspiration from nature’s beauty and surroundings. Riva’s paintings are stunning and contemplative, yet filled with so much life and vibrancy that taking one glance away from them is impossible. His paintings are also inspiring, displaying scenes of light and journeys through natural landscapes, captured in charmingly bright colours by Riva’s eye for detail.

Raffaele Riva has created works for private and public collections, such as the National Gallery in Washington D.C., the Florida Museum of Fine Arts, and the DeYoung Museum. He has also created pieces for prestigious companies such as Nike, Billabong, Tommy Hilfiger, and Macy’s. The artist is well-known for his large-scale murals on public buildings throughout Australia, New Zealand, Italy and the United States; one of Riva’s most recent murals can be seen in Times Square.

Raffaele Riva has had numerous exhibitions around the world. His shows have attracted an incredible number of visitors, such as the one held in Milan, Italy, at the Piazza del Duomo, where some 300,000 people came to admire the artist’s work. Riva’s exhibition in Australia attracted 300,000 spectators. Riva was also commissioned to create four large-scale murals for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. She will be exhibiting soon at two of the Guggenheim’s other locations: Venice and Bilbao.

Riva has also had a long career as an educator. Having studied and taught at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in Perth and worked as a professor at several art schools, Riva is well-known for sharing his knowledge. He’s been the Head of Painting since 2000 at the prestigious Emily Carr University in Vancouver. Other teaching positions include Fullbright Professor at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Chairman of the Fine Art Department at the University of Maryland; Adjunct Professor of Artistic painting at Laguna College of Art in Laguna Beach; and Visiting Artist / Teacher at Australia National University School of Art, Canberra. Visit this page for additional information.


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