Citizen App Continues To Hit The Global Headlines As It Seeks To Keep People Situationally Aware And Safe


In the current world, it is extremely hard to live without information and news. Technological companies across the globe are working relentlessly to invent real-time news platforms. Security is a major concern across the globe and people all over the world are looking to invest in apps that can keep them and their loved ones safe. Citizen App seeks to make sure that people and their loved ones stay situationally aware and safe. The app started its life in New York in 2016 as Vigilante.

However, after 48 hours of its launch, the Apple Company pulled it down citing that it promoted user vigilantism.

Citizen App’s main aim is to help people avoid potentially dangerous circumstances rather than being part of them. Since its launch, the app has severally hit the headlines.

One instance is when a boy in Manhattan was abducted and found. Additionally, in 2019 when there was an inferno at Trump Tower located in Manhattan, it was established that 34 users live-streamed the occurrence using Citizen App. Citizen App works like police scanner apps, where the public is opened up to the emergency response system. The app uses radio antennas across main cities to monitor communication relayed by 911.

Citizen App has employed various professionals who are tasked with filtering and screening communications to create precise and factual alerts. These alerts are then relayed to users within a quarter mile or less from where the incidence occurred. Currently, the app is available on Android and iOS and covers 22 major cities. These cities include Tucson, Toledo, Stockton, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Phoenix Metro Area, San Diego, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami-Dade County, Minneapolis, Houston, Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Charlotte, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Austin. One of the greatest advantages of Citizen App is that it treats users equally regardless of their social status.


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