Diogo Corona: The Power of Routine for Productivity and Success

Diogo Corona, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Smart Fit, attributes much of his success to his commitment to routine and productivity. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Diogo shared insights into his daily routine and how he maximizes his efficiency to achieve his goals.

Diogo’s day begins with an early start at 6:30 AM, followed by a workout at the Smart Fit studios. He values efficiency and opts for quick and effective workouts, typically lasting around 45 minutes. After his workout, Diogo walks back home, takes a quick shower, and enjoys breakfast. His commitment to efficiency extends to his wardrobe as well, as he wears the same outfit—a gray shirt and blue jeans—to work every day.

By 9 AM, Diogo is in the office, ready to tackle the day’s tasks. His schedule is filled with meetings, which he dedicates most of his time to. Fridays afternoons are kept free for any unexpected meetings that may arise. Diogo remains at the office until around 9:30 PM or 10 PM, ensuring he puts in the necessary hours to drive Smart Fit’s operations and growth.

To maintain productivity throughout the week, Diogo prioritizes certain habits. He avoids drinking alcohol during weekdays and limits social outings, allowing him to stay fully focused on his work. Lunchtime is often spent at his desk, saving time and increasing efficiency. This commitment to routine and discipline helps him remain fully present and dedicated to his responsibilities.

Outside of work, Diogo maintains a routine as well. On weekends, he enjoys dinner out and takes his dogs for a walk in the park. When he has the energy, he also fits in additional workouts. Sundays are reserved for spending time with his mother, taking her out for lunch—a cherished routine that adds balance to his life.

Diogo believes that his commitment to routine has played a significant role in his productivity and success. By establishing daily habits and minimizing distractions, he can focus his energy on work and make the most of each day. This level of dedication is facilitated by his life stage, as he does not have children or other familial obligations that could hinder his focus on work.

In conclusion, Diogo Corona’s commitment to routine and productivity is a key factor in his professional success. By structuring his days with efficient workouts, consistent work attire, and disciplined work hours, he maximizes his productivity and ensures that his focus remains on driving Smart Fit forward. Diogo’s dedication serves as a valuable lesson in the power of routine for achieving one’s goals.