Eureka Manifesto: Yuri Milner's Book Regarding Humanity's Purpose in the Universe

The book presents a new vision for the future of humanity, which Milner calls “Eureka.” It is a vision for a world where human civilization thrives in space and on other worlds and where we use the resources of our solar system to create a better life for all. It is a vision we can achieve through international collaboration and innovation without the need to conquer or colonize other worlds.

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It is not just an idea but an invitation to humanity to embrace this mission together in the next 100 years. The Manifesto was signed by 100 leading scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and thinkers. The Manifesto was published in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

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“A manifesto is a call to action for the present and the future. This Manifesto is an invitation to join me in a global conversation about our future in space. Our destiny may be far beyond our home planet, and we need to take responsibility for it, right here and right now,” Yuri Milner.


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Milner is a member of the Breakthrough Prize Board and chairman of its Selection Committee. Milner is also a trustee at Singularity University, an adjunct professor at Moscow State Institute of International Relations, and an international advisor to the Skolkovo Foundation.

The Breakthrough Initiatives are a set of scientific and technological programs exploring life’s big questions in the Universe. These include the search for life beyond Earth with Breakthrough Listen, new ways to find possible signs of intelligent life with Breakthrough Watch, and the quest to understand the Universe’s fundamental laws with Breakthrough Starshot.