Extras To Access Advanced IM Academy Courses


Global marketing schools include:

The FRX Academy, a non-profit, offers training.

FRX teaches currency trading through video lectures and live seminars. The 76 video courses cover a wide range of subjects.

How to trade foreign currencies?

  • Market Changes
  • What is the forex market for?
  • Effective market buying and selling skills are a must.
  • The difference between a bid and an ask helps spot patterns.
  • Harmonics
  • Managing risk requires planning.

The HFX Academy trains pilots.

Students learn about high-frequency transactions in math and science classes. The course covers order types, margins, leverage, and spreads. It has three main parts. Like IM Academy, this school offers 95 pre-recorded video courses with quizzes.

The DCX Academy is for DCX workers who desire to learn more.

Digital currency trading and exchange are taught at DCX. It is described with the many forms and ways of trade (arbitrage, retail, etc.).

Blockchain and other forms of digital money are also hot topics. Each of the 25 pre-recorded video courses has a final exam. They share their resources. Like all other DCX Academies, access to GoLive sessions presented by DCX professors is unrestricted.

We help traders and investors understand the ECX (ECX).

E-commerce and how to run an internet company are taught at the ECX school. The course includes e-commerce, IM Academy, and marketing. This training also covers online customer service.

Like the FRX Academy, this service offers video-based instruction using pre-recorded classes. Each video session concludes with a quiz to assess student understanding. During goLive sessions, students may message professors.

Individual Academies from the IM Elite Academy may be bought. Buy Elite Academy and save money. Join the Elite Academy and save 54% the first month and 48% each month.

Extras To access advanced courses, you must upgrade your membership. Students who have completed necessary courses and shown promise in one or more specific areas of study may enroll in extracurricular modules.

Lesser academies may be purchased separately or as an add-on.

The updates below are the most recent.

FRX LEVELS DMC HFX Liberty Waves Goldcup Vibrata designed Goldcup Pivot.

Add-ons fall into two categories: Students get access to the software by using each strategy. This is a primer on market research.

The core IM Academy and basic market knowledge are necessary. Extra training videos and resources are included with each Strategy and App.

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