Harnessing Technology to Build a Better Tomorrow: The Story of Haroldo Jacobovicz

As our world continues its rapid march toward digitization, the need for visionary leaders who understand the importance of transforming traditional industries cannot be overstated. One such leader is Haroldo Jacobovicz, a Civil Engineer with a relentless passion for technology. This article delves into Jacobovicz’s inspiring journey as an entrepreneur, his commitment to shaping society’s future, and his tremendous impact on countless people’s lives through his projects.


From an early age, Haroldo Jacobovicz understood the power of technology to change lives. He was inspired by his parents, both civil engineers, who taught him the importance of using innovation to transform the world. As a civil engineer, Jacobovicz shares his parents’ belief that the application of technology can vastly improve societal infrastructure and the daily lives of individuals worldwide.

Fueled by this desire to make a difference, Jacobovicz ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. With his unique blend of engineering expertise and technological know-how, the results were nothing short of remarkable.

As a Board of Directors of Horizons Telecom member, Haroldo Jacobovicz plays a crucial role in shaping the organization’s vision and driving its growth with people-focused, transformative solutions. Horizons Telecom is a major player in the telecommunications sector, and with Jacobovicz at the helm, its projects continually receive acclaim for leveraging technological advancements to solve common everyday problems faced by individuals, companies, and public institutions.

In particular, Horizons Telecom is known for connecting underserved communities to the digital world, thereby fostering positive change and driving social and economic development. By working closely with local communities and deploying cutting-edge solutions, the company has succeeded in improving lives and contributing to society’s overall well-being.

As technology continues to evolve, we can only hope that more visionary leaders like Jacobovicz will step forward to steer society in an increasingly harmonious, sustainable, and equitable direction. Leaders such as Haroldo Jacobovicz remind us that with the right mindset and determination, we can build a better tomorrow for everyone.

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