Haroldo Jacobovicz: Pioneering Tech Transformation on Global Terrain

Haroldo Jacobovicz stands as a beacon, an eminent figure in the realm of management systems, revered by peers and aspiring minds alike. His dexterity, fortified by an expansive network, fuels his fervor for driving society’s digital metamorphosis, primed for the dawn of desktop virtualization and management software enterprises.


A Luminary’s Canvas: Forged Ventures that Transform

Catalyzing his influence, Jacobovicz’s entrepreneurial tapestry unfurls, embellished with tech endeavors. Arlequim Technologies and e-Governance emerge as stellar fragments, resounding globally for their resplendent services. The symphony of these ventures is woven with a thread of excellence, a testament to his dedication.

Technology: A Lifelong Muse

In the crucible of technology, Jacobovicz finds his muse, recognizing its capacity to transmute society and streamline intricacies. He strides the path from Colegio Militar to the zenith of academia, earning a degree in civil engineering from the Federal University of Parana.

The Genesis: A Journey of Evolution

Jacobovicz’s entrepreneurial odyssey commenced while still a student, conjuring Microsystem with three engineering comrades. Though short-lived due to an audience vacuum, the spark endured. Rekindling the ember, he collaborated with Exxon Mobil to digitalize public agencies, birthing the conception of e-Governance.

A Pinnacle Forged Through Adversity

As the tides of the pandemic swept, Jacobovicz and his team stood steadfast, sculpting solutions to tether humanity. Amidst the isolation, connections to kin, knowledge, and livelihoods needed reinforcement. Arlequim Technologies emerged, a phoenix from the ashes, shaping virtualization for personal computers, and culminating in Virtual Computer Arlequim. A boon, it extends device lifecycles, nurtures the environment, and optimizes costs.

Jacobovicz’s Credo: Spotlighting Problems, Sculpting Solutions

The orchestration of triumph echoes in Jacobovicz’s philosophy – unearthing challenges, birthing solutions. His team’s adeptness at identifying genuine predicaments crystallizes into innovations. Public management, for instance, crystallized into an innovative software rental paradigm, fostering clients’ tranquility and security.

Bridging Realms: Arlequim’s Symphony of Supercomputing

Jacobovicz’s narrative crescendos with Arlequim Technologies, transmuting devices into supercomputers with a symphony of storage, memory, processing, and ultra-speed internet, transcending boundaries to redefine functionality.

In the mosaic of Haroldo Jacobovicz, entrepreneurship blooms in alignment with societal transformation. His ventures mirror a relentless pursuit of progress, a saga that illustrates the symphony of real-world problems sculpted into solutions. This tapestry embodies a harmonious union of innovation, technology, and societal metamorphosis.