How Hawkers has grown in the recent years under Alejandro Betancourt

When you start your amazing journey in business, you should always be ready for the good and the bad. Changes are bound to come in your path to being a successful business owner. Disruption is one of the activities business owners have to deal with in their everyday lives.

Disruption comes in numerous ways for modern business. It can be a brand new process, product or concept. Disruption can also take place when people decide to utilize an old product in a brand new way. In the past decade, many disruptions have been taking place in the world. The sunglasses section has experienced its share of disruptions too. Alejandro Betancourt says that the disruption in the sunglasses market began in the year 2013.

The institution responsible for the disruption is known as Hawkers. For a long time, this institution has been working hard to bring a perfect revolution in the sunglasses market, and the changes can be seen. The original owners of the facility were Spanish college students.

The only capital available when the institution began dealing with sunglasses was only 300 dollars. The low class sunglasses great in quality although they were cheap in prices. The Spanish students began to introduce the United States sunglasses to the people based in Spain. The site where the business was taking place did so well.

When Hawkers captured the attention of the Spain market, the industry was stable. The students, however, lacked resources to supply the whole country with the high-end sunglasses.

When Alejandro Betancourt became a partner in the facility, some amazing changes were taking place in the company. Alejandro Betancourt got into action fast because of the increased customer demands, especially in the global market. The online platform used to sell the products was performing so well, so Alejandro Betancourt had to go an extra mile to invest more. Refer to this article to learn more