How The Gino Pozzo Family Trust In Watford FC Paid Off Well

Considering the state of Watford Football Club in 2012, it would have been harder to imagine this club would attract any investment. At this point, the club was struggling with many problems on its hands which meant that it could only sink even deeper into further problems. The club was languishing in the fourth division of the English premier league with very poor results that were not inspiring in any way. As if that was not enough, the club was on the brink of dissolution due to a heavy debt which put them in an even more difficult financial and results-wise position.

Therefore, these results made Watford Football Club a less attractive club to invest in. In fact, at this time, Watford FC was not expecting any serious sponsorship and investment and knew too well that their goose was long cooked. Fortunately, not everyone saw doom in Watford FC; there was one investment family that surprisingly saw some potential in this club despite their woes on and off the pitch. The Gino Pozzo Family was the investment group that saw great potential in this club despite all these challenges. Thus, they chose to acquire the club and then invest in it with the hope that they would help it get out of its problems soon enough.

Even though this investment seemed awkward, the Gino Pozzo family believed that Watford FC was a long-term investment project and committed to it fully. Gino Pozzo began by implementing strategies to help them get this club where they wanted it to be. To monitor this club and fast-track its recovery process, the club moved some of its family members to England to help oversee the recovery progress which was the family’s main plan from the beginning.

Through consistent investment in the club, Watford FC began to realize progress that was very promising to the family and the club. The investment went on for many years and sure enough, Watford FC got out of their problems and went as far as climbing to the English summit league. Against all odds, the Gino Pozzo family managed to get Watford FC from what seemed like an impossible position to recover from. The successful investment in Watford Fc also meant that the Gino Pozzo family joined some elite investment groups to have football club investments in Spain, Italy, and England. Visit this page to learn more.


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