IM Academy Offers An Interactive And Comprehensive Digital Forex Education Platform

Want to learn how to start trading Forex? Look no further than IM Academy! Founded in 2013 by independent entrepreneurs Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre, the online provider of digital educational products and services provides interactive content to teach essential forex trading skills. With a subscription model and straightforward access, students can quickly develop their skills for successful trading.

Today, IM Academy has grown into an organization with over 225,000 active subscribers from offices around the world. As far as risk management or tax advantages exist, the company registers subsidiary entities elsewhere in the global markets. Yet all operations are still run from their New York headquarters.

What’s more, IM takes pride in always being ahead of the curve with its remote work models for personnel. By reducing expensive costs like office space and real-estate expenses, they’re able to attract top talent without geographical restrictions – further allowing them to focus totally on their educational mission. This corporate structure has permitted IM to stay efficient during all types of crises, including when Covid 19 affected businesses around the globe.

The Academy offers customers and IBOs four training programs through its website, which provide a basic understanding of Forex Trading. The sessions, available in 13 languages, are interactive and hands-on training with an IM Educator, typically lasting one hour. This enables students to ask questions and enter into a discussion. The IM Academy App allows them access to prerecorded content, and successful completion of the quizzes at the end of each module is necessary for progression. After their subscription ends, all digital content can be downloaded for future use.

In conclusion, IM Academy is a great choice for Forex traders looking to learn the basics of trading and build on their skills. With the convenience of online access and an interactive platform, students can take advantage of IM’s high-quality educational content and knowledgeable educators.

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