It’s Time To Try Tieks

For many people, quality is one of the most important factors when buying shoes. However, even though some shoes have good quality, people do not buy them because of price. I had a similar experience when I decided to buy a pair of Tieks for the first time. Although the price was relatively high, I was later glad I invested in them. I have worn these ballet flats for many years now, and I have realized they’re very economical. Depending on preferences, you can get leather, solid-colored ones, prints, or patents.

Tieks also has flats produced entirely without any animal products.

The size for these shoes ranges between 5 and 13. Since there are no half sizes, you can size up or down. For me, I had to size up. This gave my feet more space and also reduced the chances of bunions. Understanding your feet will help avoid such problems as well.

One of the things I admire about these ballet flats is that they stretch and don’t hurt my feet. However, due to their high-quality leather, they might take a long time to stretch. That’s why proper sizing is paramount. Even after they stretch, they’ll still fit correctly. The shoes are so comfortable that even Oprah loves them.

If you buy the shoes in their online store, the Boutiek; and are unsure, it’s always good to avoid wearing them outside. However, as long as they are in good condition, you can return them. I recommend you try them on for a few days before concluding whether or not they fit correctly.

From my experience, Tieks they don’t cause excessive sweating. If yours become smelly, however, you may spray some deodorant on them. Also, remember, to help maintain the shape and keep them dry, stuff them with dryer sheets when you’re not wearing them. Use a damp cloth to clean any dirt or stains from the leather. Then, use a leather conditioner to keep them soft and supple. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for related information.


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