Kelcy L. Warren Chairman And CEO Energy Transfer

Kelcy Warren career has been in the oil and gas industry for over 40 years. He is chairman, president and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners; a master limited partnership involved with energy production, transportation, storage and supply-related services. His company has made deals with some of the largest companies in the world from ExxonMobil to BP plc.

As a result of his success in this field he has accumulated quite a varied list of awards including three honorary doctorates from major universities as well as many other recognitions like being inducted into the Horatio Alger Society Hall of Fame and also awarded by U.S. President Ronald Reagan who presented him with the Golden Rod Award for outstanding service to the arts and humanitarian causes.

Kelcy Warren is known for acquiring the land underneath Kelcy Warren Energy Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, on which he has built a $1 billion dollar power plant to generate power from natural gas, shale oil and coal. As of 2015, his company was planning to construct a very large cracker plant in Westlake Village, California where they would extract shale gas to be used in fuel cells.

His company’s main business is the acquisition, transportation and storage of natural gas. The company does this by using its own land to build pipelines and buy up other pipelines allowing for them to move their gas all over the country. They also are in charge of construction projects like power plants, production plants and larger transmission sections for transporting gas. Visit this page for related information.

A major issue that Kelcy Warren had to deal with was with the Dakota Access Pipeline. In 2016, he had a controversial plan to construct a pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois that would have been over 1,000 miles long and would have run through South Dakota and Iowa as well. This would have cost $3.


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