Luis Horta e Costa: Why Portugal is the ideal country to live in

There are imitations of orange-tiled rooftops, cobblestone alleys, sleepy hilltop villages, and the bright Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. The country has charms, such as practically year-round sunshine, first-rate cuisine, hiking, surfing, and beach villages. Luis Horta e Costa is an authority in Portuguese real estate. According to him, Portugal is attractive due to the people, weather, cost of living, and safety.

He also considered how much the calibre of the services was improving. Costa co-founded Square View, a company that develops real estate. It constructs and renovates beaches, houses, and cities in Portugal. During the Coronavirus outbreak, designer Christian Louboutin took a vacation in Portugal. This led him to build a 5-star hotel in the Melides villages and buy a second house.

The French Philippe Starck from France has a second home 10 miles out to sea in the Sintra mountains of Portugal. Every summer, the princesses and prince of the Portuguese royal family made their way to the Baroque palace, which had been open to the public before the 18th century. Many people who were looking for homes decided to purchase land in Lisbon.

Due to its blend of the modern and the ancient and its fast internet, this was the capital city that people continued to adore alongside Moorish palaces, Roman ruins, and Renaissance cathedrals, these provided services. Because of so many attractions, Luis Horta e Costa claimed to enjoy Lisbon. Porto was reportedly one of those cities because real estate was moving quickly.

Properties in the Algarve are reputed to be more expensive than those in Lisbon. Costa preferred the more sedate Alentejo region, which has 40 kilometres of undeveloped beaches. Melides, located in the centre of Alentejo, boasts a thriving bird population and numerous lagoons. Additionally, it emits a slow hum. The peaceful community is home to world-famous horseback riding, kitesurfing, and surfing.