Miki Agrawal: What She Believes About Life and Career

Miki Agrawal is a Texas-based social entrepreneur and founder of TUSHY, WILD, and Thinx. Her recently acquired company, TUSHY, specializes in modern-day bidets that bring a difference in American homes. The firm recently introduced an electric bidet seat that allows users to operate it through remote control.

Ms. Agrawal encourages people worldwide to find solutions to problems they encounter through art and creativity. She also mentors upcoming business people and primarily black women. Miki Agrawal loves bringing positive changes to the areas in which she lives and the world. Hence, she boasts of saving tens of millions of trees annually and creating TUSHY bidets to improve hygiene and health in American toilets.

Ms. Agrawal also loves traveling and adventure. Recently, she traveled to Antarctica in the company of other leaders and agents of change. During the memorable trip, she loved everything about the land and learned a thing or two that would help her positively impact the world.

Ms. Agrawal loves creativity, authenticity, and inventing new ideas and things. She tackles all she does passionately and honestly and believes that what she thinks, says, and feels must agree. Miki Agrawal believes that a perfect friend loves her for who she is, one who expresses herself freely and supports freedom.

On the other hand, Ms. Agrawal notes that business partners shouldn’t have similar qualities. For example, if one of them is thoughtful, their partner should be passionate and creative. The award-winning entrepreneur loves enjoying life as it unfolds, playing with her son, and appreciating nature with loved ones.

As a child, Ms. Agrawal loved playing soccer. She has, over the years, got influenced in life matters by her parents and twin sister. She learned the benefit of spending less than her earnings while growing up. As a career woman, Miki Agrawal understands best why one should be slow to hire but fast to fire. She appreciates the internet because it has helped her achieve more than she had imagined before starting TUSHY.