Mo Katibeh Discusses Working With an Introvert

Mo Katibeh is an introvert who has made it her business to help others understand and deal with introverted-related issues. Hiring introverts for your company might seem strange, but it can be your best decision. Introverts are of enormous value to companies, especially in the current day and age. Introverted employees work longer hours (even when there are no scheduled hours to work) and produce more. They do their best work in silence so the noise around them doesn’t distract them from completing their assignments.

Yet, most companies hire extroverts as a matter of habit. They’re not aware of the traits of introverts and therefore don’t properly utilize their skills and hard work. It can lead to high-quality candidates getting passed over for jobs because they didn’t meet the “right” person or weren’t loud enough during an interview.

Mo Katibeh is an introvert herself and has written a book, “How to Hire Introverts,” to educate business owners on how and why they should hire introverts. She has several suggestions on how to hire introverts. First and foremost, the manager should be aware of their workplace and company culture. If your company requires employees who are chatty or outgoing, then you might want to re-evaluate your employee hiring process. Though this is a harsh realization for many managers, it’s essential to realize that not everyone is suitable for every job.

 Mo Katibeh also suggests conditioning the interview process. Asking too many questions or giving too many directions during an interview can prevent introverts from running away. For example, if you ask a candidate about his favourite sporting team and he says, “The Lakers!” you’ll have trouble hiring him if he doesn’t show up for work one day. But if the interview is structured well, the candidate will be more likely to provide a good answer.

The company should also ensure it has the resources to handle an introverted job candidate. If the company relies on live teleconferencing for work, then having a silent employee would be a problem for everyone involved.