NY School Of Law Graduate Andre Des Rochers

André Des Rochers is a name that rings loud in the entertainment and sports industry. As a renowned lawyer, he has carved a niche with clients ranging from primary production companies to athletes and sports organizations. With offices in Beverly Hills and New York, he has significantly impacted the legal profession, representing clients in complex legal matters.


Des Rochers is an exceptional lawyer who brings a unique approach. His experience in both entertainment and sports law makes him a go-to lawyer for clients in these industries. André Des Rochers´ legal expertise and strategic thinking have helped him achieve favorable client outcomes.


One of the most remarkable things about Des Rochers is his ability to understand the needs and goals of his clients. He profoundly understands the entertainment and sports industries, enabling him to provide his clients with the best legal solutions. Whether negotiating contracts, handling disputes, or navigating complex legal matters, André Des Rochers is always on top of his game.


Des Rochers’ success can be attributed to his hard work, dedication, and passion for the law. He goes the extra mile with his services to ensure client satisfaction. André Des Rochers is an excellent communicator who is always available to answer his client’s questions and provide guidance throughout the legal process.


He believes everyone should have equal opportunities to pursue their dreams and is committed to promoting diversity in the industry. The successful attorney André Des Rochers is a role model to young lawyers, and his commitment to creating a more inclusive legal profession is inspiring.