Precision M.D.'s CEO, Mr. Mahmoud Khattab

Mahmoud Khattab is the founder of Precision M.D. He has been consistently recognized as one of the most successful and entrepreneurial cosmetic surgeons in California since he founded the company over 40 years ago. What makes Khattab even more special is that his career has been built gradually, with each step taking him closer to his ultimate goal.

To be successful, some professionals must focus on building their business’s financial aspects. For Mahmoud Khattab, things are more hands-on. Khattab said in an interview with Ideamensch, “I have to manage the business during the day – it’s a very busy practice and requires plenty of time and effort to manage.”

If grasping a lucrative niche was easy, and consumers were pouring their money into the area, more people would have set up clinics in this field. Khattab knows it is tough for physicians to make a living from one practice, so he puts his head down and works hard daily. As Khattab improvises with new ideas and changes, he is also focused on his patients and employees – they are forever part of the holistic medical care process.

Despite the success he’s seen in Elk Grove, Khattab has emphasized that his practice is still a challenging one to manage. He emphasizes that this business must be packaged and approachable to succeed, so patients get what they need from it too. As he says, “Everything has elements of success in it,” but if Khattab has shown anything in Elk Grove, it’s that there are plenty of ways to succeed with a new business-

With an increase in popularity, plastic surgery and cosmetic services have rapidly become a more active part of the health care field. California, alongside New York, Florida, and Illinois, is ranked as a state with many new small businesses.

Khattab notes that establishing a practice in California made a lot of sense when looking at the numbers–specifically because it is usually the nation’s top economy, so new legislation often starts there. Get more information: