Technology has grown so much and continues to grow daily which makes it more convenient for individuals to shop online versus in a store. QNET also known as Direct Deals is the location for all of the trending and high-quality products. QNET is not a scam, they are registered with Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce.

Many people visit this site and shop because they also offer wholesale for small businesses along with a numerous of other services and products. Products range from categories such as health and wellness, home and living, personal care and beauty, watches and jewelry, merchandise, and so much more.

QNET accept all forms of major credit cards. Direct Deals consist of four core values that they provide to all individuals. These core values are leadership, service, integrity, and sustainability. They lead to inspire, service everyone with the utmost respect, always provide honesty, and sustain the environment.

QNET offers numerous ways to get paid through their platform as well. Therefore, not only do they provide the products, but they also have a way to pay members/customers for different opportunities while they continue to grow. Here are several ways in which you can get paid through Direct Deals:

  1. Retail profit- sell products at a different price than what you purchase them for.
  2. Early payout- if you achieve the business volume within four weeks you have the option to get paid earlier.
  3. Monthly ranking- maintaining rankings = higher incentives, trips and more.
  4. Year-round incentive-ability to earn points, cash incentives, and/or products.
  5. Step commission- generated from you and your team sales.
  6. Repeat sales commission- done by selling products to retail customers.
  7. Rank maintenance bonus- rank for six consecutive months to receive more cash bonuses.

With so many opportunities and benefits this business continues to grow and provide good and services.

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More about QNET on https://www.qnet.co.th/