Qnet, The World’s Leading Direct Selling Company


QNET is an online e-commerce company with its extensions globally, serving its customers with high-quality products and services. In return, they transform their customers’ lives by offering them solutions by providing them with unique services and products that best suit their needs. Their presence all over the globe has helped build micro-entrepreneurs in the growing economies. QNET unites people from all over the world through a trade where millions of customers are satisfied.

QNET operates on a direct selling market basis, where the producer sells their products directly to the customers, eliminating all the other middlemen. In return, this leads to an increased demand for goods and services and at lower prices. Additionally, direct selling leads to huge business-to-business connections opening a wider market for their products.

Direct selling happens in 3 different ways as discussed below,

  1. Single-Level Marketing

This is a direct sale where the seller makes customized goods to his customers other than producing goods for a direct selling team. Furthermore, the seller aims at a certain market to ensure that he has captured it, sold his products, and got direct feedback

  1. Party Plan Marketing

This is where you invite like-minded people or a party and tell them to try out your products among have fun. Those selling household items commonly use this kind of selling. Out of party plan marketing, direct selling has hugely benefited by creating networks.

  1. Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing is where direct sellers encourage other individuals to market and directly sell their products instead of hiring employees. This creates employment opportunities for other people. This is one of the best methods to ensure that your product reaches thousands of customers.Go to this page for related information.

The traders practicing direct selling succeed within a short time since this business structure model requires only a little capital to start and requires great determination to succeed. The only remedy is to create an extensive network, and as the network expands, more flow of credible goods and services leads to a constant flow of funds. However, direct selling provides products to customers and creates a channel of income for the unemployed.


More about QNET on https://issuu.com/qnet