Direct selling, including QNET, can contribute positively to the economy in several ways:

  1. Job creation: Direct Selling companies like QNET provide employment opportunities to many people. Distributors and sales representatives earn income through commissions and bonuses, which can help support their families and contribute to overall economic growth.
  2. Increased consumer spending: Direct selling encourages consumers to purchase products and services from independent distributors. This increases consumer spending, stimulates economic activity, and supports various industries.
  3. Entrepreneurship and business development: Direct selling allows individuals to start businesses with minimal investment.
  4. Tax revenue: Direct selling companies contribute to the government’s tax revenue through various channels, including income tax from distributors, corporate tax, and other related taxes. This revenue can benefit the overall economy for public services, infrastructure development, and welfare programs.
  5. Foreign direct investment: QNET, a multinational direct selling company, operates in various countries. The companies contribute to foreign direct investment (FDI) in the countries, giving in capital, expertise, and technological advancements. This can positively affect the local economy by improving employment and infrastructure and attracting further investments.
  6. Training and skill development: Selling companies often give training and support to their distributors, helping them acquire sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills. This can enhance the whole skill set of individuals involved in direct selling, making them most employable and contributing to developing a skilled workforce.
  7. Social and community development: Many direct selling companies, are actively involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives. QNET invest in community development programs, support charitable causes, and promote sustainable practices. The contributions positively impact communities, improving social welfare and overall quality of life.


Direct selling, can contribute significantly to the economy by providing employment opportunities, stimulating consumer spending, fostering entrepreneurship, generating tax revenue, attracting foreign investment, promoting skill development, and supporting social and community development. Visit this page on YouTube, for additional information.


More about QNET on https://www.qnet.co.th/