Revitalized: Wasseem and Sam Boraie

Making a positive difference in any industry will get you noticed. Wasseem and Sam Boraie understand this. They have been able to help the New Jersey area come alive again due to their inventive ways of creating solid and stable places for people to live. Boraie Development has been able to turn things around for Atlatic Cit and the surroundng areas. They know that they have more work to do and have teamed up with NBA star Shaquille O’Neal in order to meke this a reality. The project is called the Shaq Tower Two. It has worked well for the area.


Wasseem and Sam Borauie wanted to help New Jersey get back on track. They have been able to succeed beyond measure. They have been able to take an area that was driving people away and turn it around. Now people are coming back to Newark and surrounding cities. New Jersy is on the mend. This is due in no small part to the contributions of Boraie Development. The owners are very proud of their accomplishments up to this point, but Sam and Wasseem Boraie know that there is much more to do. They cannot stop now. They have to move forward.

Thais is why they have been recognized as posiitve influencers in their industry. They enjoy the work that they do each and every day. Now all of the hard work has paid off in quite a big way for them and the area. That was their target goal.