Ron Gutman: A Healthcare Hero on the Global Stage

As Co-CEO of Intrivo, Ron Gutman has made a significant impact in the healthcare industry. But his contributions extend far beyond just his own healthcare company. Ron has been actively working towards combating the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine, where he has family ties.


With the crisis hitting Ukraine particularly hard, the business expert  saw an opportunity to make a meaningful difference by using his resources and connections in the healthcare industry. Ron Gutman strives to aid the country in their fight against the virus. He quickly formed a coalition of healthcare professionals and executives.


This includes IntrivoHealth Diagnostics, to provide much-needed medical equipment and supplies to Ukraine. The coalition, under business expert and serial entrepreneur Ron Gutman´s leadership, has been able to make a real impact on the ground. 


Hospitals and clinics in Ukraine have received critically needed equipment and supplies, helping to save lives and slow the spread of the virus. Ron Gutman´s efforts in Ukraine demonstrate his leadership and commitment to making a positive impact on the global stage. 


He continues to use his resources and connections to support the country, even as the pandemic continues to evolve. It’s clear that Ron Gutman is not just a successful businessman, but also a true healthcare hero. His dedication to helping others in the face of crisis is truly admirable, and serves as an inspiration to us all.