Ross Cameron: Is Trading Really That Simple?

Who would have thought that in college, playing the stock market to help supplement your income would make you one of the most successful day traders and entrepreneurs in the trading business today. This early beginning is an introduction to Ross Cameron who is the founder of a successful educational trading platform. 


This platform provides educational courses for neophyte day and options traders including short term investors. Ross Cameron has created trading and investing strategies. He has also provided streaming courses and in person training events. He also hosts different platforms on social media sites and blogs. 


Ross Cameron is a married father with two children and yes, he works out of his home. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Vermont College, which he says he acquired to honor his father’s memory. Ross’s interest in the market began at an early age when his grade school began a mock-up stock market.

Ross Cameron Gets into the Money

In this case, both he and a friend did quite well. This experience and interest in the market did not wane.  After a life of ebbs and flows personally and in the market, Ross finally found his market niche (Entrepreneur). 

Starting with over five-hundred dollars in 2017, he is now worth millions which attracted Entrepreneur Magazine to feature him in one of their publications. Ross Cameron is an open book, where he is known to be the only trader who openly publishes his earnings. This type of mantra is like telling everyone that I can do it and you can too!