Safety of users- Yubo

Yubo is a French communication application most popular with young people in the country. The French application was established to assist young people below 50 years old and those not under 13 years old. The users of the application use the application to hang out with others online through chatting, making new connections, playing video games and watching videos. The founders of the organization have not only ensured a well-developed application but have also kept security at its best. Recently, the French company completed the verification of its users.

According to Sacha Lazimi, the Chief Executive Officer of Yubo, the verification exercise was necessary for the organization and the users. The management noticed some users pretended to be over 13 years while others registered as below 50 years of users. Since the firm’s launch, it has continued to expand, with over 60 users. The application does not require its users to show their identification cards while registering; therefore, it had to look for other ways to identify its users. Yoti is a technology company that has worked with Yubo for over five years. The technology firm was of great help to the organization during the verification period. Yoti uses its cameras to identify the age of the users and then takes a short video that will show the face of the user. According to Yubo, the technology used by Yoti is 98.9%. When Yoti and Yubo began the verification exercise, they started with those 13 and 14 years and ended the practice by verifying other ages.

During the verification exercise, the two companies experienced discrepancies; the French company was forced to ask for the identification documents of the users who the technology could not identify. Sacha Lazimi noted that those who did not avail themselves during the exercises would continue using the application if their accounts were kept.