Sales through Independent Business Owners- IM Academy

IM Academy is an online digital forex school that operates through its website. The IM website is the main existence, and it is the only place where the group’s clients and Independent Business Owners can access the services offered by the forex academy. The forex academy is an institution that cares about its customers and the quality of services they offer. Recently, the training organization noted that even though the Academy has included the Independent Business Owners on their website, the page has been placed on the website incorrectly, and its customers should know that the Independent Business Owners are not a training program or services offered by the digital training company.

IM Academy noted that if anyone wants to become part of the Independent Business Owners, they will have to do a separate registration different from that of the customers’ services and products. The organization’s management is aware that the presence of Independent Business Owners on the website needs to be clarified, and it is in the process of making revisions to the site.

 Chargers of the Educational Packages

IM Academy has four units used to educate its customers, known as academies. If you wish to learn forex education through IM, you must register the academies with the US $234 as the initial cost of each academies and a fee of US 174 that is paid monthly. The charges by the Academy do not include the VAT, and they are sold in US dollars.  It teaches students the basics of forex trading through video modules and GoLive sessions, which tend to be interactive, presentations, and course notes.

 The Sales Plan and Business Opportunities

Christopher Terry and Isis Torre are the founders of the Academy; the financial experts have developed a well-organized working plan for the organization. The training facility works through networking and multi-level promotion. The IM Academy works through independent representatives known as Independent Business Owners who are responsible for selling the company’s products and services. Independent Business Owners can take advantage of their positions and create a sales team. The IM Academy pays the Independent Business Owners on commission because they are not staff of the Academy. For more information, click .


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