Social Media Unleashed: Jason Hope´s Take on the Ever-Evolving Landscape

Over eighty percent of the world’s population is currently connected to the internet, and futurology enthusiast, Jason Hope contends that as a result, social media has become the preeminent influence in our everyday lives. Facebook and Instagram have emerged as prominent information hubs, which have facilitated the growth of businesses and enabled them to make direct purchases. 


Instagram, much like the popular kid in high school, has a large following and a high level of trust, both of which lead to increased sales. As the business leader Jason Hope informs, people spend over two hours every day using social networking platforms. 


This time was once spent doing things like reading postings made by old acquaintances, Jason Hope adds. However, social networking has developed into a full-fledged entertainment complex. To access social media, nearly 91 percent of people who use the internet choose to use their mobile phones instead of a computer. 

Business Gurú Jason Hope


In order to build a devoted social media following, marketers are shifting their attention away from conventional websites and toward advertisements displayed within mobile applications. Because of what happened with the data leak, Jason Hope informs, Facebook is starting to lose its appeal, particularly among members of Generation Z. 

The advice that Jason gives to Zuckerberg is to add new features to Facebook or run the risk of falling behind. The future of social media appears to be bright, with far more to offer than we could have possibly conceived of at this point. TAccording to Jason Hope, tere is no way to tell which app is the most popular because the market is now in flux and user behavior is changing.