Stephen Bittel Co-Founded TCA Financial

Founder and Chairman of Terranova Corporation, Stephen Bittel, is seen by many as the beginning of this renewal and a turning point for all of Miami. He is one of the wealthiest people in Florida, and he chose to invest in Miami with his hard-earned millions.

Stephen Bittel was born in New Jersey on December 23, 1952, to a Jewish family. His father was a real estate agent, and he eventually went into the same type of business. He attended the University of Maryland, where he earned his Bachelor’sBachelor’s degree in business.

He went on to get his Master’s degree in Real Estate from the University of South Florida. After he got his degrees, he began teaching at the University of Miami. In 2000, Bittel co-founded TCA Financial, a company that helped fund real estate projects. In 2002, he co-founded Terranova Corporation in Miami with partners Gabe Lehrman and Andy Meerow and served as its CEO.

Stephen Bittel attended the University of Miami School of Law for his law degree. He got a Master of Law in Consumer Protection from Florida International University. Stephen Bittel participated at the University of Maryland for his bachelor’sBachelor’s in business administration and earned his Master’s degree at the University of South Florida.

He has been involved in numerous real estate development projects as a re-known investor. In May 2007, he joined the board of directors of the Miami-Dade County Public School District. On November 20, 2011, he was named to the board of trustees of DePaul University and became chairman of the university’s board.

He is also a member of The Business Council and serves as its Public Policy Committee chairman. In Miami, he is a member of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and serves as chairman of its Economic Development Council. He is also a member of the Florida Council of 100 and serves as chair of its economic development subcommittee. Bittel has served on several boards, including Uptown Entertainment, which manages several prominent venues in Downtown Miami, including American Airlines Arena and Bayfront Park.

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