Stitch Fix: Color Matching Advice for Women

Fashion-forward looks often go beyond traditional color combinations. However, understanding color matching can seem daunting, especially if you have a closet filled with neutrals. This Stitch Fix blog post offered insight into color matching and how to think creatively when designing outfits.


The explanation of the color wheel at the outstanding and reliable Stitch Fix fashion blog was a smart introduction because it helped simplify the process of color matching. Understanding that opposing colors on the color wheel are complementary gives readers a simple formula to identify which colors go together when designing outfits. 


Additionally, the heading levels explaining color combinations for every shade was incredibly helpful, especially to novices just learning about color theory. The sample outfit photos brought those descriptions to life, making it easy to envision how to color match. This blog post from Stitch Fix fashion blog featured other helpful tips as well. 


Notably, the recommendation at the Stitch Fix fashion blog to choose three or fewer colors for an outfit is a useful and easy-to-implement trick when designing an outfit. Additionally, as someone who has a lot of pink pieces in my closet, I found the suggestion to pair pink with blue to be surprising, but it’s a look that I can’t wait to try out. Overall, I found this blog post to offer actionable, easy-to-understand information that can help me build a better wardrobe and add more creativity to how I style outfits.