Health Carousel Is Regarded As a Top MidSize Company

After 13 years of rapid growth, Health Carousel expanded into a larger office space. But there was plenty of room for expansion, so they could continue growing. With a new office location comes a fresh outlook on the world of healthcare staffing.

Staffing entrepreneur J Williams DeVille launched Health Carousel in Cincinnati back in 2004. With the purchase of smaller companies, Health Carousel now has more than 1500 doctors and nurses who go through the business and pick up temporary assignments in hospitals nationwide and abroad.

Another 335 employees work directly in support at the Company’s offices on two floors of one building in Norwood and three buildings in East Walnut Hills. Sebastian also said the Company plans to expand into another Norwood building soon.

About 20% of the support staff has only recently joined the Company. They’ve just graduated from university and got jobs and are quite happy with their new workplace. In addition to these newbies, there are also senior team members – experienced team leaders willing to offer their wisdom to the younger generation. Job satisfaction comes from working in an attractive location (the heart of downtown Boston) and being able to help customers solve problems, regardless of what those problems may be. This support team had only worked at Health Carousel for less than a year. The appeal was threefold: “It’s also a great place to work — the people, our culture, and our vision make it easy to see why. We also have tremendous growth ambitions, so we attract growth-oriented employees, which creates an energetic atmosphere. Finally, people love being part of something where the Company’s mission truly matters.”

Bertram’s team encourages them to “be the best they can be” because they’re great collaborators and the people they work with enjoy working together. They believe being part of each others’ strengths helps them succeed together.