Mark Hauser Commitment to Offering the Best Services in Private Equity Firms

Mark Hauser, the Chairman of Hauser Insurance, and Scott Penny, the Chief Acquisitions Officer of Brown & Brown, Inc., announced that Brown & Brown has agreed to acquire Hauser’s assets. The acquisition was to happen in Sep 2020, under specific conditions.

Mark Hauser is dedicated to offering the best insurance solutions for private equity firms and their portfolio, including how to manage their business risks, M&A advisory, and workers benefit from 401(k) plan compliance and advisory services. It was established 50 years ago by the Hauser family. Under James Stines and Mark Hauser’s leadership, it offers the top risk advisory and M&A services to private equity firms. Its headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio, where it operates under James Stines.

During an interview with Globe Newswire, the President of Brown & Brown Retail Division, Barrett Brown, appreciated James and Mark for creating a fantastic Hauser team that offers top services. The ability to provide many benefits for the longest time, mainly in risk management solutions, helps the Hauser leaders to deliver high-quality services, understand their clients better, and give them the best outcome. Barrett Brown also noted that they are excited to join the private equity firm and the commitment of the Hauser Insurance team, which can help Brown & Brown benefit their clients with the best services.

Mark Hauser was also interviewed by Globe Newswire, where he said that his family had operated Hauser insurance for 50 years and are proud of the culture they have developed. He noted that they had created a highly-skilled and best team in the insurance sector but had to release it to work with an outstanding company. Mark also praised Brown & Brown, Powell, and Barrett as the right stewards to inherit their firm. He concluded by thanking the insurance firm, its staff, and customers for the exceptional loyalty that they have portrayed for years.

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