Tom Keane Achievements at Microsoft

Tom Keane is the global vice president of product marketing for Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure division, Azure. He leads the global communications team and also manages international business development. Successful cloud software engineer Keane has been working at Microsoft Corporation since November 2000s, when he became Director of Online Services. 


He was promoted to Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Support, General Manager of Windows Live, Corporate Vice President of Server & Tools Business Intelligence, and now Corporate Vice President of the Microsoft company. Tom Keane attended the University of South Australia in 1997 and studied computer science, graduating in 2000. He was an active member of the Microsoft Student Partner Program, and in 2001, he was awarded the Microsoft MVP award. 


Tom has posted articles on his blog about the company, and here are some of the posts.


Do more for the National Security Mission:

Tom Keane explains how Azure global has been doing great work with National Security agencies. They have leveraged the technology and are running workloads in Azure. 


The move to Azure allows the US Intelligence Community (USIC) to create new opportunities for collaboration since both classified and unclassified data can be put on the same platform and leverage hybrid cloud capabilities and advance game-changing technologies such as AI, machine learning, and edge computing. Tom Keane is leading the technology development projects.


Microsoft cloud in Norway opens with the availability of Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft has announced that Norway was the first country to open a Microsoft cloud. The Norwegian government is looking for a “cloud tax” but is also interested in a hybrid cloud. According to Tom Keane, the purpose of Azure is to give them access to their data and eliminate their operations and maintenance costs, where the data stays in Norway.


Microsoft Azure is available from new cloud regions in Germany:

Tom Keane has led this project to great success. Microsoft has launched the new Azure regions in Germany; they are among the most powerful cloud infrastructure in Europe, enabling customers to build highly available applications using resources close to where their end users are.