Top Rising Star Damien Granderson

Successful attorney Damien Granderson, a founding partner and chair of Granderson Des Rochers, LLP’s Music Law Group. This is a major international music law firm with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and prominent global cities, and was the envy of much of the legal community – friends, colleagues, and rivals alike. As a partner in the firm, whose business interests include performing arts law and litigation involving the music industry,


The Alumni in Residence program was set up to allow law school alumni to immerse themselves in the legal profession and cultivate a relationship with the faculty and students from an educational perspective. As a Top Rising Star attorney, he was well-known for being an exceptional writer, and his time with the university surged many alumni to drop into the school occasionally to meet him. 


  1. Damien’s Success at Albany Law School


His legal colleagues held him in high esteem during his time at the prestigious Albany Law School. He was known for hard work, innovative thinking, and improving the lives of others. Damien Granderson has significantly contributed to the legal profession and the history of religious tolerance in the United States. 


  1. Damien’s Work Accomplishments


Lawyer Damien Granderson was awarded a law degree and a MA in English Literature. He was awarded the Alumni Association Outstanding Graduating Student Summit Award during his final semester at Albany Law School. This award was given to students who finished their studies as graduate, corporate, or in-house lawyers.


They are there to allow them to compete at auctions and in case competitions. The Music Law Group at Granderson Des Rochers is associated with world-renowned musical communities in the industry. A lawyer working there is related to outstanding legal practitioners with a long history of legal excellence, high ethical conduct, and professional competence.