Yacht Enthusiast Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde yacht enthusiast has lived by the water his whole life. His father is a very accomplished boater and now owns a 50-foot sailboat. His father taught him the basics of boating; teaching Monteverde about knots, the water, wind, etc. Juan Monteverde had spent his summers boating at the Barcelona yacht club as he was a member there. As a teenager, he would navigate the Mediterranean Sea where his families summer beach house is was located. During his senior year, he decided to make the drastic decision of moving from Spain to Santa Monica, California. There he completed his undergraduate. While in college, he had plans to be a stockbroker and majored in finance; but that all changed. In order to pay for what he needed, Monteverde took a job at a law firm in California.

During his time at the law firm, he was asked to participate in a two-week court case. His firm won and gave justice to two immigrants who had been defrauded by a developer. After that, he knew his passion was law. Immediately he began searching for law schools. His original plan was to move to New York, but suddenly he was offered a scholarship in Florida. He realized he would be studying for his dream job while being right by the ocean, so he jumped at the chance. There he got a job at global legal practice Diaz Reus and focused on his studies. A few years later Monteverde decided to make the move to New York. There he took on a job at the firm Farugi & Faruqi. He finally saved enough to buy him his first yacht, it was a 26-foot Monterey. He founded Monteverde & Associates Pc, this was a shareholder advocate. By doing this, Juan Monteverde was able to put together thw two things he enjoyed doing the most- law and the stock market.

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